non-flowing thoughts

I really, badly, desperately want to write. I want to write something. Anything.
I want to have thoughts worth typing out. I want them to flow through my head in Tsunami waves until my fingers can't catch up, leading me to accidentally skip on some words that are supposed to complete my sentences. I deeply, wholeheartedly, fervently miss the thrill of writing nonstop for long periods of time, wondering when my thoughts would stop and when my fingers would take a break from the addictive sound of the keys on the keyboard being endlessly pressed. If I had one of those fascinating vintage typewriters i'm sure i wouldn't stop writing just to hear the compelling sounds of each key being pressed. I would write anything, I would type gibberish if i had to. I miss being overwhelmed by my thoughts.

I remember writing something similar to this post a while ago, a post titled Mindblock. If I had a mindblock back then, i can't imagine what this is. I haven't even been writing book reviews as frequent, even though i've read 4 books since my last review. I can't say i've been too caught up with my life to spend any time blogging, because that would be a lie. I have quite a lot of free time, and i guess i've been doing everything BUT write something new here. I just simply never know what to write about anymore. It's intensely frustrating, because i honestly enjoy writing but never have good ideas on what to write about. It's not easy to just write some fiction of whatever. I need some sort of inspiration or life event to happen for me to have that itching feeling in my fingers to type it all out. It's pretty ironic how the older i get, the less i have to write about. Aren't you suppose to have more experiences in life to share?

I hope i get over this irritating phase.


  1. Really, I think every blogger could relate to this little prob. And you know, its not because our less experience encounter, it is because the more we grow older, we seem to understand more every single event and we all know that no words can't explain the event. Arrgh, act this is not what I'm trying to say but you get it. Btw, drop by

  2. I find having prompts help for any kind of ___block. It could be a starter sentence or a broad concept that you shape specifically into your own.



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