Debate at Sri Ayesha!!!


I don't know why, but debate makes me happy. Maybe its because of the people i debate with and against. And also those who taught and judged me. But somehow, i feel kinda accepted and i enjoy debating =) Haha, i get hyper when i start talking xD


Today, Sri Ayesha Islamic School met up with SMI Al-Amin Gombak, SMKA Maahad Hamidiah and a few debaters from SMI Al-Amin Bangi. I believe we're like the randomest debaters ever!!=D

The first round was SAIS vs Al-Amin Gombak. I wasn't really in my debate mood at first, so i stuttered a lot. Al-Amin was pretty scary xD
Adibah, Fattah II and Affan

Kamalia, Fattah I and Iman
Afterwards, it was Maahad vs Al-Amin Gombak(Team B). I couldn't really understand the motion, to be honest. But then everyone was pretty great =)(i'm sorry, i wasn't there for most of the debate =S)
Laila, Ulfah and Arif
I'm sorry, i'm not sure of the names of Al-Amin Gombak Team B =S Help??
Then it was time for LUNCH!! Haha, can you believe it? Fakhry told us to order 5 EXTRA Large pizzas!

I could only eat two xD

 I think everyone finished it, haha.
Then the adjudicators gave us some tips and told us about the other motions and stuff. They're pretty awesome xD
We gave them some souvenirs and took some random pics!!haha that was fun xD
Iman as the Deputy President of SRC =)

IDK why, but i find this hilarious xD random ^_^
Hahahahaha, this one's hilarious too xD

I couldn't stop laughing coz Syed was the photographer, haha

Haha, i think this is one awesome shirt!!Love shirts with random writing xD
Me, Adibah and Iman!! Adibah is AWESOME, i'm telling  you =)

Can't wait to go to UIA !=D
Adibah made this for us, its so wickedly awesome!!!!
WOW, she really has talent, i've seen some of her other artwork.
I wanna hire you to design my wall at my new house!!=D

Haha, me and Iman got bored, so then we decided that the Unicorn is Iman, The Bear next to it is Me, the Robot is Fattah, The Domo is Adibah, i'm not really sure what the one next to it is, but that's Al-Amin's Fattah and the Dinosaur's Affan.
What a coincidence xD

See you guys at IIU Debate this Friday!!=D


  1. Today was really fun
    im pretty~~~ sure that im supposed to be the thingy in the middle with the heart but oh well!
    the pic with me by myself looks weird... i think its cuz of my head positioning... dont you agree?

  2. hahahah tu lahh, thts wht i said!!but iman insisted that u were the dino so yeah xD.

    meh, the pics alriite, mainly coz i took it xD.

  3. I enjoyed todaaay. Your school is the awesomessssst :D

  4. haha nahh, its not that awesome, but glad u had fun!! we should totally have friendly debates in the future =D btw, which school r u from?

  5. pehh.friendly debate untuk UIA nanti ke?wow.nice la.

    affan should be a robot.HAHA.

    nice doodle from adibah.can i have 1?wuu.


  6. haha yep, nak beat hidayah!!=D haha
    haha, affan's not weird, he's just random xD

  7. ='(
    i'm weird???
    thats okay, i remembered that kamalia likes apple pie~~

  8. jealous of you guys XD

  9. affan: noooo, ur just random!=)and i haven't had an apple pie for a while ='(

    Dalila: hahaha, why?? we're jealous of YOU, u got the glory at Musleh ;)

  10. Hahah, Kamalia. Its Alyssa. from Alamin Gombak

  11. Laaaaa, Alyssa?? haha sorry, i get confused easily!=D

  12. Hahah, the spelling thing. Yes, people tend to get confused

  13. haha, yayy i'm not confused anymore =)

  14. but now i am......
    oh well!!! APPLE PIE!!! huhu~~~



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