Musleh ISDC 2011

Finally, let's talk about debate!Haha, i've been procrastinating in writing about what happened at Musleh, haven't I? Oh well, had a depressing last few days due to unfinished folios xD.

First round of Musleh, we went up against Madrasah Al-Junied(From Singapore!!), and OMG i was soooooo scared!!
I heard they were legends. But turned out they were newbies, and to be honest, they're really good for first year debaters! They're soooo much better than when I first started debate, lol.
So outgoing and friendly!!The girls love Korean, like Fattah. So me and Iman geng dengan the dude!!
And they have twitter and tumblr and stuff!! Haha okay, i'll maybe post about them later, supposed to talk about debate here xD. By the way, we won this round, it was about animal rights.
Oh yeah, Fattah tried to sing me Happy Birthday xD. Lol, at least he was the first one who did xD.
Marhamah, Jana and i forgot the guy's name =S

Second debate was against SMI Aman, motion was THW Limit the Salaries of Football Players.
LOL i thought it was a pretty awesome debate because it was based on a LOT about Fernando Torres!!
Thank God i know a bit about football, more than Fattah too xD.
But then i was kinda ashamed of myself, because i was talking negatively about Torres ='(.  i kinda stated assumptions about him in the debate, but i still think he's a good guy. And thank God opp didn't know much about football xD. We won by a close margin though. I LOVE THEIR ACCENTS, cute GILER!

 Third round was against our neighbour( since we're pretty much from the same area ), Al-Amin Bangi.
 This was my favourite debate, not sure why xD. They were all awesome, and the 2nd speaker was really sarcastic in his speech. The motion was THW Disallow Children From Having Professional Careers, we were opp. Whooo, we won! It was a great end of my birthday, winning 3 rounds =)

Fourth round was against our traditional opponents, SMI Hidayah!!
Lol, it was the 5th time we went against their school. They've never beaten us yet, though they're ALWAYS close ;)
Motion: THW Offer Amnesty to Dictators Who Willingly Step Down.
We were gov, and i thought i kinda sucked in this one. Damn, they get scarier and scarier every time we face them, lol. But i can never deny that they're a great team =)

Fifth round was against ADNI!! Aww mann, i love their school. They're so friendly!! And i think the third speaker is just awesome. Haha, he outgrew me, finally!And has a manlier voice too =)
This was our final preliminary round, so Fattah, Iman and I wanted to relax and try new things during the debate.
It was great, we won and i felt relieved. Two days of happiness, what a great birthday gift God gave me =)
That night, they had like a surprise for me and T.An Nur bought me a really pretty cake and they all sang me Happy Birthday!!!haha that was fun xD.

 During our debate with ADNI, Team B had a debate with IISKD. SO PROUD OF THEM, THEY WON =')

This guy was texting the whole time at Musleh, but his determination was very supportive =)

BM Team won that night too!! Anati got best speaker, terer giler!

Anyways. We made it into the Quarter Finals. Unfortunately a lot of things went wrong.

SBPI Gopeng were a very friendly team though, they kept complementing that we're beautiful =)
And personally i still think that the third speaker is more beautiful than Tyra Banks, like what i said in the debate xD.
So yeah, you can guess what happened. Wasn't our luck this year. It was depressing afterwards.
But we strongly believe that we were destined for bigger things, like what Rhino said =)

Musleh was amazing, i had a wonderful time. Congrats to Fattah for being the 6th Best Speaker, you totally deserve it mann =)
Oh yeah, the final rounds were between Al-Amin Gombak and SMI Hidayah.
LOL, i found this hilarious, because they were both the teams that we beat for the last 2 years in the finals.
I guess they've had their revenge now, hahahha. SMI Hidayah won by a 4-3 split.
We'll beat you guys again next year!!=D
And Al-Amin Gombak have hilarious debaters, mannn. Adibah is just adorable with her Domo, Affan is the most random person i've EVER met, and the Fattah dude is cool.
OMG, i forgot to take pics with Al-Amin & Hidayah,nooooo!!! After 3 years, still not a single pic with them!!=S


  1. We dont have a pic together... ='[
    So, what does random really mean?
    You keep saying that about me....
    does that mean im funny??
    tell me.. plz? 4 me?

  2. haha.adibah takde patung domo,lukisan domo kat kertas dia pun jadi.

    suka affan.weirdo.HAHA.

  3. affan: tu lahh!! gotta take one at UIA, with ur team =)
    haha, when i said ur random, i meant that u do the most hilarious unexpected things, which is a good thing i guess, coz u have a good sense of humour =)
    hahahaha and i think ur pretty hyper, which is pretty awesome coz most ppl are so boring these days = =


  4. asyraf: haha, but domos are so cute!!
    and patung die is so adorable, once we joked about stealing it and hiding it, hahaha jahat giler.
    but then adibah is still awesome xD

  5. =0
    nk curi DOMO?!?!?! no! not domo!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    I'm telling on you!!!

    hehe yay! asyraf likes me =p

  6. affan+adibah 22 awesome.affan seperti yang malie telah kata kan.ngaa.

  7. affan:
    awwww, it was a joke, i swear!!and it was fattah's idea!!hahaha xD
    awww, asyraf likes you, not me??*sad*='( lol jk

    asyraf: haha tu lah, affan is so random xD awwww, i'm not awesome too??*sad again* hahaha

  8. Ololololo~~ dnt be sad!! just remember that i like apple pie..
    you'll never be sad that way... or maybe you will... i really dont know..

    eh, jap ape affan+adibah due2 nie???
    haih, everyone thinks we're together.. i dont know why..
    (FYI, we're not, and she's not my sister)

  9. affan:haha.OK la tukar.affan awesome.adibah awesome.(apa ke takde kata penghubung la.panjang.)korang tak together pun.tapi keawesomean korang tu yang together.HAHA.

    muahh affan+malie sebab korang memang awesome.adibah too.(pstt,ada lagi yang tertinggal tak?iman,fattah?lainlain?HAHA.)

  10. affan: hahahahahaha, how on Earth will remembering that YOU like apple pie make ME feel better?hahaha, well apple pie is pretty yummy tho xD

    lol u guys r so awesome together, so we thought there was some special relationship in any way between u guys xD. u guys look kinda alike too, in a way xD

  11. asyraf: hahahaha, true! their awesomeness is awesomer when they're together, esp in debate, damnn i get so scared xD

    hahaha kalau camtu everyone awesome je lahh, including u asyraf ,coz u said we're awesome xD.
    let the awesomeness stay awesome!haha

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


  14. affan,ngaku je la.tak salah.kitakita je kan.HAHA.

  15. Affan: haha, the only thing i believe is that apple pie is nice xD
    n plus, she's adorable!!=D

    asyraf: hahaha xD

  16. hi..
    can i post this to alamin bangi's group in fb? i'll be sure to put down your link together.
    just want them to read your compliments since their not in such good mood =)

  17. apple pie rasa apa?apple la kan?sob.tak pernah rasa lagi.kesiann.

  18. zubair:
    sure, no problem!=)
    Al-Amin has really good debaters, seriously =) i was scared when i debated against them, to be honest xD

  19. asyraf: it tastes a bit different, lagi sweet xD

  20. which al-amin? us or bangi??
    and apple pie tastes sweet like everyone here!?!?! <3

    boleh je mengaku tp masalahnye, tak baik tipu~~

  21. i was talking about bangi, but gombak is awesome too lah =)

    hahahaha the only ppl who r here in this comment page is u, me and asyraf. yayyy we're sweet!!!=D

  22. nak tipu ke tak nak ni?

    tengah manis lagi ni.bhaha.



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