The Month Is FINALLY Here.

The month all Form 3 students have been waiting for. NOT for the upcoming PMR, but for the temporary freedom afterwards, haha. THREE more days! Then i'll be blogging like crazy, you can either keep up with me or just let me enjoy my last days as a Form 3 student. Not much to do on the Internet no more, i deactivated Twitter. Meh.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL PMR STUDENTS! Just chill like a turtle, don't stress yourself out with last minute studying and GET STRAIGHT A'S!!!No pressure though, keep praying to Allah that you can answer the questions and that you've put in enough effort these last 3 years to prove that you've been a well-educated student.

The day PMR is over, LETS PARTYYY!!!!!Hahahahaha, i'm going ice skating =D

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME TO GET 8A'S!! Iman and I are aiming for MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba!!


  1. insha Allah, you will get 8As! and lol, and why MRSM TGB? :D

  2. Awww, thanks!!! Haha idk, its one of the top MRSMs, and my mum went there for 5 years when she was in high school xD.
    looking for new experience and fun xD.

  3. really? ur mum? my mum went there for 5 years too! when did she graduate? :O

  4. Whoaaaaaaaaaa, really? hahahah what a coincidence!! my mum graduated in 1989,what about ur mom? OMG imagine if they were friends, lol

  5. :O guess whaaat? my mum graduated in the same year as well! lol. ask ur mum if she remembers liz. ur mum and mine used to be dorm mates when they were in form 2, lol! XD what a small world!

  6. Wow! Awesome :OO
    Heyy, Im Fesha Zebra's ^ Sis :D
    OMG!! Our mom used to be frens dorm mates! How cool is dat!


    haha that is freaking awesome!wow, what a small world indeed!! kay, i'll ask my mum ;) oh btw how'd u know my mum's name?xD
    but whoa, this is pretty epic.

  8. i never knew ur mum's name. u had a picture of her on your blog in one of ur posts :)so i showed my mum that photo, and she instantly told me she knew her. she also said u look like her. haha :D well, malaysia IS a small country :)

  9. again, wow =D
    i asked my mum, and she said she knows ur mum VERY well!she said ur mum was very smart, went to Nottingham University? lol awesome!

    yep, malaysia's small alrite. but i still think its awesome tht u randomly found my blog, then tengok2 our moms lived a year with each other xD

    send salam to ur mum =)

  10. lol. nah, my mum went to Warwick Uni. haha, yeah, it was a coincidence. but i found ur blog thru adilah tho. ur sister's friend i think XD. yea, send my salam to ur mum too :)

  11. lol sorry, i think my mum got confused on where ur mom went xD.
    wow, amazing how related random people can be,eyh? pretty cool xD

    oh by the way, how old are you, fesha? =)

  12. lol, u obviously havent read my blog, altho there isnt really anything to read XD i did a bit of introduction on myself on that only post i got for my blog cos i intend not to write anything in it. so yea, haha. im 15 btw :)

  13. awwww mann, i'm dearly sorry!! but i just went on it, and WHOA, i just LOVE ur style of writing! so matured =D

    but u really should write more stuff!!at least ur opinion about stuff, cause i know i'd be very interested to read about it =)



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