Introducing Kamalia

I used to have a super long introduction but i now i feel like i'm exposing myself too much and the older i get the more uncomfortable i get with strangers knowing things about me so yeah i deleted all that.

The only thing i feel like telling you right now is that i'm terribly awkward and i know that's some hipsterish talk people say a lot nowadays but really i am and i'm not good at conversations with people i'm not close to yet so please don't get offended. Also, thanks for bothering to read my weird thoughts. I really do appreciate it :)

So yeah. I'm Kamalia,  hi.


Fatihah Fauzi said...

I read the part that you like meaningful lyrics in music. I like that in music too. I want to tell you, you should listen to Owl City. He is the greatest and most of his music and songs we're pretty meaningful. Tell you what, he's not mainstream either. Yes, he WAS mainstream before, but the radio rarely played his songs now. So, check it out. I hope you like him.

Kamalia Hasni said...

awh thanks for the suggestion! i'll check him out i promise :)

Filia Octavia said...

Hi Kamalia, I really enjoy reading ur blog, especially the book reviews and when u told that u tried to wear a niqab :) I think I should try to wear it too someday :D

Sza Dilaa said...

akk kamalia so cuteee

Abirsharif said...

I think it's crazy how I feel like I can relate so much to you, when in a way it feels like we are leading such different lives at the same time. I love your taste in your music and I swear I can relate and understand all your personal posts. I might not be a big YA bookslover anymore, but once in a while your reviews spark a interest for me to grab one haha. I always want to visit East Asia one day, and maybe if I ever come to Malaysia, I'd love to meet up : )!

Kamalia Hasni said...

Abir:Awwhh somehow i feel less alone knowing you feel that way :') yes please do contact me if you ever come to Malaysia, i would love to meet up too!! <3

Amin Muhaimin said...

Cantik header...buat sendri?

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