Its amazing how 6 days can create a lot of good memories, especially with people who accept you for who you are.  Adibah and I agree on the same thing, that debaters are the coolest people EVER.

That's just the thing. People at school or just random kids think that debate and debaters are lame and nerdy. That's when they don't know how much they're missing out on. I feel sorry for those people, just being honest.

Because i just had the time of my life with awesome debaters!!
To be more specific on who they are, just gonna mention Adibah, Affan & M.Fattah(Al Amin Gombak), Luqman, Izdihar & Amin(Al-Amin Bangi), Arif, Ulfah, Laila (Maahad Hamidiah) and those from KISAS, ADNI and SMI Hidayah. I mostly spent time with the names that are mentioned =) OMG how could i forget Iman, Fattah, Syed and Fakhry??!? lol tell me if i didn't mention you.

Affan taught us a card game called "bluff". Lol because i'm soooooo bad at lying, i decided to play the tactic of telling the truth xD. I should have a pokerface next time we play xD.
At one point, we got bored so we played Truth or Dare.
The dares were awesome! I had to kiss a tree(Adibah recorded it), Arif had to jump down stairs like a kangaroo, Fattah had to drink syrup with rice in it, Amin had to give Affan a piggyback ride, Iman had to spin around like a crazy person while being blindfolded(with my liverpool banner), Izdihar had to spin around a lamp pole and tell us how awesome we were, and Iman had to yell out " I LOVE ADIBAH!". LOL, memories.
Haha and Adibah has a huge grudge on Luqman coz he kept saying 'sorry' for no reason.
Then she cursed him(as a joke tho he got scared), hahahahaha. She's so evil in an innocent way, love her =')
We usually eat lunch and dinner and breakfast and stuff together too.

Whenever we had a rolecall for our schools, we'd call out "HERE!!" for everyone, so it sounded like we had a lot of fans, haha. I loved the feeling when everyone's schools made it into the double octos, when we all cheered for each other.
Oh yeah, thanks Syed for always supplying me with Redbull so that i'd stay hyper during debate xD.

The worst memory was saying goodbye. Till we meet again, guys.
We'll reunite the awesomeness and rule the world again =)


  1. "We'll reunite the awesomeness and rule the world again"

    i know we will..

  2. =')
    which memory was ur favourite?

  3. well...I don't actually thought that SHE will kiss the tree...anyway , don't blame me for that idea. That dare was an idea from my memory during 2008 . anyway it's Ameen (double 'e') xD

  4. haha, heyy ameen! i'm just glad the dare wasn't something more embarrassing xD
    Okay i'll change ur name now =)

  5. I wanna see your pict kissing that tree!!! xD

  6. We should sit at some random park and finish our game! I didnt get to dig anything from Fattah! haha

  7. my favorite was the ones all of us just relaxed and hung out!
    I already miss everyone SO MUCH!

    but, we'll see each other again after you ace your PMR!
    oh, and dont forget! MALAYSIAN OPEN DEBATE! we all need to join! and in mixed teams too!

  8. wuu.dapat kan ambil gambar dengan budak SMI hidayah.akhir nya.haha.

  9. ameen: hahahaha, i don't have it laa, adibah does tho xD

    adibah: omg, we really should!!!lets start planning it!=D

    affan: lol when's the malaysian open debate again????

    asyraf: haha yep, tapi its not on my camera =S

  10. sis the picture from your freakin' laughing iphone ._. I want to see my piggyback video xD , see the pict when sis kamalia kiss that freakin' tree (lol) and Izdihar being a freak shouting our name

  11. hahahaha, i wanna see them too!!=D

  12. bila MOD?


  13. ni ke MOD tu?[]

  14. First and for most, dont call me sis lah ameen. haha. Im only your sis if Im taller than you. Second, I have no idea how to upload the vids. But i watch them EVERYDAY and I crack up EVERYTIME. Kirim salam semua :) I miss you guys!

  15. asyraf: i don't know when it is =S yeah thts probably it tho, r u going?

    adibah:awwww!!nak tengok jugak!!xD. what if we make like a blog for musleh peeps, and u can upload it there?or we can have our own youtube channel or sumthing xD
    i miss you already!!!='S

  16. affan,jawab pasal MOD tu.hee.

    go for youtube channel.go aduuuba.(haha.JK adiiiba.)



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