book review: the apple tart of hope

This book was quite something. I picked it up because it had a gorgeous cover and an adorable title, and the rating on Goodreads was quite decent. I didn't really know what to expect, but i sure wasn't expecting to love it so much. I'm rating it 4.8 out of 5, because i think it's become one of my favourite books this year.

Before i proceed with my usual reviewing, I just wanna mention that i had a beautiful experience reading this because i was able to relate to it personally in a few aspects. A lot of people probably can't relate to it like it did, so i don't know how they would feel about it. So i may tend to exaggerate a little, just keep that in mind.

The Apple Tart of Hope is a story about a boy named Oscar, who has an unusual talent of sensing when something bad is about to happen to someone. To fix this, Oscar believes a perfectly-baked apple tart is the answer. He bakes the most delicious and exquisite apple tarts most people have ever eaten. Oscar's best friend is Meg, who is also his next-door neighbour. When Meg had to move to New Zealand for a trip for 6 months, they both struggle to hang on to their close friendship, especially when a new girl moves into Meg's old house. The story starts with Oscar's memorial service when Oscar goes missing. Everybody came to the conclusion that Oscar had killed himself, but Oscar's little brother was convinced that he is still alive. The Apple Tart of Hope is a book about friendship, hope, family, kindness and bullying.

The first few chapters were a little tough to hang on to, but after about 20 pages i was completely hooked and ended up finishing the book at 2.30am feeling wonderful and warm inside. This book gave me SO many feels. I felt like tearing up when i read the parts i was able to relate to. The style of writing is quite remarkable. It feels almost like the two main characters are speaking directly TO you, telling you their story. I felt sad and happy alternately throughout the book.

I love that the story is so simple and common, but so unique at the same time. It may even seem illogical at some parts but it'll feel like it's completely fine because of the beautiful messages shown in the story. The characters are too good to be true because of how unbelieving-ly kind they can get, but that's why i love them. There really should be people like Oscar in real life.

There is a bit of a love story in this book, and although it was so simple, i found it so beautiful. I love this book for not needing to have lots of romantic parts like other YA books for the romance to be beautiful. In fact, the main characters are only 14 years old and they still have a lot of innocence in them and that's exactly what I love.

This book could be read by anyone, be it children or adults. I think everyone could read it because the morals are messages that every human should have; kindness. There are so many good quotes from this book that i found myself immediately tweeting about them as i read. It really was a life-changing book that reminded me to always see the positive light in people, to have hope for them and don't ever give up. It reminded me to forgive yourself for things you couldn't help with. It taught me to go do what you love, and that trying out new things and going on new adventures isn't necessary a scary thing.

It taught me that even the happiest of people have limits, and that even they can break. But that doesn't mean that there isn't hope for anyone. I guess different people would probably learn different things from reading this, but those are some of what i learnt for myself.


Oh God. Remember how completely hate-able Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter is? Well, i've found a character who is equally or even more despicable than she is. Paloma Killealy. What a bitch, oh my God. Up until the end. I liked the part in the ending when Stevie said "being as kind as Oscar is can be tricky when you're trying to grow up with people like Paloma Killealy..". It made me realise that perhaps if there weren't mean people like her around, it'd probably be a lot easier for everyone else to be kinder. She is a great character for her role, of course. It's a great metaphor for the bullies and mean people out there, who don't care that they're ruining other people's lives just so that they can be at the top. I always felt like crying every time she manipulated Oscar and everyone else. I was so, so angry when she forged Meg's letter.

I love Oscar so, so much. I absolutely love that he didn't have to be some hot, attractive character to be so lovable and perfect. Every time he or another character described is apple tarts i always felt like drooling and I feel like i wanna learn to make those things myself too. I love how kind he is, and how loyal his feelings are to Meg. That ending was perfect for me. It was cliche in a beautiful way.

The parts i was able to relate to were first; the part when Meg moved to New Zealand. When she described how she felt to leave her life behind and everything, it me right in the gut. Another part was when Oscar found out he was the reason Stevie was in a wheelchair, and how he felt about it. I accidentally broke my brother's arm when he was 3 years old, and i've always felt bad about it until now. I'm not sure if he can remember, but yeah. I know my experience isn't as intense as Oscar's but it's nice to know where he's coming from. I also love Stevie for having so much faith in his brother.


I'm afraid to recommend it to people because i'm afraid some people may think it's boring or that i'm exaggerating. All i can hope is that when people read it, they'll get the positive messages and get that warm feeling in the end as i did.


  1. This is the most beautiful book review I have ever read. Thank you so much. Sarah x

    1. Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful book. I'm trying to get my friends to read it as well. One of them have, and he loved it so much! I'm trying to get a copy of your other book, Back To Blackbrick but it's hard to find a copy here. Please write more books! <3



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