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I don't even know where to start. This is the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series, and I know i never wrote a review for the second and third book, but i feel like i just HAVE to write one for Queen of Shadows. The spoiler section will be where I talk about most of my thoughts, because there isn't much to say in the non-spoiler section without giving anything away. Basically, i genuinely enjoyed this book and am rating it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Not counting the prequel novel, this is probably my second favourite book in the series so far. The second book is still my absolute favourite.

I had quite a few issues with the first third of the book. The start honestly was quite disappointing for me, especially because of the way some characters just seemed "off" in terms of their personality and the way a lot of things were just so unresolved. But being a 600+ paged book, a lot was going to happen so i still gave it a chance. At one point, my disappointment at the start had left me worried that maybe I might change my mind about loving the series as a whole. But after reaching a certain part of the book, my hope for the series just grew and grew and eventually when i finished it, I pretty much had forgotten why I had been so worried in the first place. The way i felt at the end of the book made me wanna rate it 5 out of 5, but it only feels fair to give that rating if the book was fantastic from the start.

All i can say is that Queen of Shadows was a very progressive book, and the depth of the series can be seen the most from this one. If you compare it to the first book, you would just gape and wonder how the hell SO MUCH had happened. I feel like there were so, so many new characters introduced by the end of the fourth book, but it wasn't at all a bad thing. Usually it would be hard for me to keep up with everyone, but in this case, most of the characters were so interesting that even some of the side characters seem really fantastic. I think even my new favourite character is a side character, and THAT is how great Sarah J Maas's character building was.

I know that there are mixed reviews for this book; some people didn't like it and some people absolutely loved it. I'm more into the latter, but i do understand very well why people would have negative reviews for the book. I'll discuss my dissatisfaction in the spoiler section. For me, it wasn't the best book in the series but definitely is the strongest one. It sets up a fantastic premise for the last two books in the series, which i definitely am excited to read in the future.


The first chapter was so, so great. It was only around 2 pages long, but it gave a haunting longing feel that just wanted to break my heart. Oh, Dorian.

I read about 100 pages in one sitting when i first started, and i was surprisingly very disappointed and heartbroken that i decided to just sleep it off. I was still heartbroken in the morning.
Chaol and Celaena.
Are over.

And it's not even Celaena anymore, it's Aelin. A part of me hated that she had turned into a completely different person, and I hated how I had felt like all the emotion and feels I experienced in the second book had meant nothing. It's like they never loved each other, and that broke my heart so much. By the end of Heir of Fire, I reached an understanding that perhaps Celaena was going to always love Chaol no matter what. Even at the end of Crown of Midnight, Sarah J Maas let us cling on to the idea because of how Celaena had told Chaol that she would always, always pick him.

So when Aelin and Chaol had acted like they both meant nothing to each other, it pissed me off. All that romantic development, all that love and sacrifice and heartbreak; for nothing. I told myself after reading their hateful conversations that if Sarah J Maas doesn't wrap up their relationship properly, I was going to have the biggest grudge on this book and on Aelin. I wanted them to have at least a final embrace where they were just honest with each other, where they could both explain how they both felt, even if it doesn't end with them being together. I needed that kind of scene.

And i got it. It was quite late, but Sarah J Maas had given it to me. And to be honest, that was what saved the ENTIRE series for me. That scene where Chaol and Aelin talked - just honestly talked - was my favourite part in the book. Others may not even remember this scene, but that was the scene that I was finally able to sigh with relief and relax and finally just enjoy the rest of the book. I could accept anything else after that part. I could accept that Aelin had changed, had picked someone else. I could accept that she wanted Chaol to be happy with someone else, and that he decided that perhaps he deserves happiness too, even if it's not with the woman he had loved.

With that being said, I still don't really ship her with Rowan. I never even considered them being love interests from Heir of Fire, because their relationship was so platonic and the carranam bond was just so wonderful that I honestly had thought Rowan would always be the most loyal friend and companion Aelin would have, and that was all he was going to be. I was admittedly shocked when I had realised that they both had started to have romantic feelings towards each other. It seemed quite sudden, given the fact that non of this was ever hinted in the third book. But i think I can buy the fact that the distance apart that they had to experience had probably made them realise how much they actually loved each other. I still felt uncomfortable during the Rowaelin moments, and never really bought their relationship. But going through all of Celaena's love interests from the start of the series had been pretty exhausting, so now i'm just going to not care who Celaena or Aelin ends up with.

I'm more interested in the love aspect with the other characters now, to be honest. I do feel like something will happen between Dorian and Manon, and i'm really excited for it. Manon had developed into a really awesome character, and i enjoyed her chapters in this book a lot more than in the third book. Dorian deserves to be happy after what had happened to Sorcha, and i would not mind at all if that happiness will be with Manon, who is freaking badass.

OMG the Aelin-Manon fight was freaking epic, absolutely spectacular. I was hoping they would actually become allies(that why i thought we needed a Manon perspective), but it doesn't seem like it's only because of Aelin that Manon gets her own POV. Now i think it's more because of her and Dorian. This will definitely be interesting.

I do hope Aedion ends up with Lysandra, oh please do. Lysandra is my new favourite character! I absolutely love how Sarah J Maas developed her character; making me hate her in The Assassin's Blade but turning her into another amazing badass female character. Her friendship with Aelin is just so relieving and heartwarming, and it was so lovely to have a girlfriend-friendship going on again, after the betrayal in The Assassin's Blade. AND SHE'S A FREAKING SHAPE SHIFTER OMG.

Nesryn is also another side character I had grown rather fond of. Even though I haven't bought into the whole Chaol-Nesryn ship yet(because it did seem rather sudden and as if SJM just needed to give him a love interest too, to get over Aelin), I still like her as an individual character. Also, her name is so badass. Nesryn Faliq. I love how Aelin calls her Faliq. I hope she has more role in the next books, because i think she has so much to offer. I'm pretty sure i'll end up shipping her with Chaol soon, but i just hope it won't seem that forced, especially coming from Chaol. The way he was over Aelin just like that hadn't seemed convincing to me. I'm excited for the adventure they'll go on when trying to cure Chaol's legs. Hopefully they'll meet that side character from The Assassin's Blade, who went to train as a healer at the place they're headed to. Lol my heart actually shattered when I thought Chaol died. I am so relieved that he didn't.

Oh man, i just freaking loved the last parts of the book, especially the ones in the castle when the characters were just there, together. There was a scene with Dorian and Chaol and Aelin just sitting and talking and it was just so perfect. They friendship is just wonderful. And with Dorian having his own court with Chaol as the King's Hand and Nesryn as the Captain, and Aelin with her own court with  Aedion and Rowan and Lysandra, everything just seems so promising and vibrant that it left me feeling very satisfied with the book.

I'm glad this one didn't end with a cliffhanger like the last two. It's nice to have a lot of closure after so many things had happened. I can see that there are still many things unresolved, but really glad that by the fourth book, they've managed to achieve so many things already.

I have more to say in this section but i'll just update it when I feel like it. I feel like i've expressed a lot already haha.


After reading this book, I definitely think those who haven't read the series should start soon, and that it's a series worth getting into. I'm not sure if i've mentioned this before, but the first book is the weakest in the series and it definitely does get better and better. I think one of the reasons some people may not want to continue the series is because of the main character. Her level of sass could be a bit too much to be tolerated by some people, who may find her to be really annoying instead. I guess it isn't for everyone, but you may enjoy a badass female protagonist who obviously isn't perfect and has many flaws, then yes you may enjoy this series.


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