Hmmm, doesn't love leave us all confused? Especially if you're not even sure who i'm talking about.
And TRUST ME, your assumptions are wrong, mwuahahahahahaha.


Lyrics: Enchanted — Taylor Swift


  1. I think i know who it is!!!
    n, yeah... jiwang..

  2. mwuahahahaha, i don't think you do =)
    i mean, if i don't know who it is, how can u? OMG i forgot ur a psychic xD

    haha DUDES, u call this jiwang??seriously??lmao

  3. not really jiwang but just loveydubby..
    yeah, i KNOW who it its~~ have fun with him!!!

  4. haha, you obviously don't know who it is =) coz i definitely will not be having fun with him =S

  5. i know that!
    and thats why im telling you to have fun with him!
    make it work!
    and im telling you this cuz i care..

  6. idk, my heart says it won't work =S

  7. cud u tell me who?
    or at least his personality, maybe i can help?
    i've helped alot of ppl with their relationships before, and most worked out..

  8. hmmmm, u really prepared to help a sad, confused girl who likes apple pie?
    coz i'm nearly giving up anyway. and its no one u know =) i think xD

  9. nak kita tolong ke?

    love with PMR?


    akan ku beri kan segala kesungguhan.bhaha.

  10. hahaha, i'm definitely NOT in love with PMR, it stresses me out xD
    hahahahah thanks tho =)

  11. of course i'll help!
    you my friend (i hope) and i'll do anything for a friend.. especially one that likes apple pie!

  12. asyraf: thats wat EVERYONE says, but its not that easy when ur actually going thru it xD.
    i mean, i never took UPSR, so this is my first ever major test =S

    affan: awww, thanks =) but ntah la. i fell like not doing anything and just see what happens xD

  13. haha.OKOK.just do it.with your very best.

  14. HEY! guess what?! i actually went through it, and didnt take UPSR!
    guess what!? even with my crappy malay i got 3A's 5B's and 1D(arabic)

  15. asyraf: i will, thanks =')

    whoaaa, u didn't take UPSR too?? SERIOUSLY, are u like my clone in a male body or sumthing???hahaha
    wow, thts not bad, wht'd u get A's in?

  16. All the important things~~
    maths, science, english.. see? priorities!
    haha, how r u doin so far? u cud ask me anything on those 3 subjuects if u want!?

  17. wow, the three subjects i will cry for months if i don't get an A =')

    i've never gotten past 90% in maths this year, which is unusual for me =S

    science, its kinda hard =S

    english, i could do better =S

    KH, might as well fail it, if it wasn't for kerja kursus.

    Geo, meh.

    Sejarah, don't get me started on the C.

    P.I. i'm not so sure.
    arghhhh i gotta stop procrastinating = =

  18. oh yeah, i'm bringing my science reference book to IIU, maybe u can help xD

  19. Of course i'll help! i got 100% for my PMR trail~~
    ask me anything n i'll do my best to help. =)



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