battling the fake walls

my heart is a fragile thing, even when i claim to the world that it has strong walls around it, that it's impenetrable. i feel its fragility when you look at me, and when you see something in me that i've never had the courage to take credit for. i feel it battling against the fake walls around it, the ones that i put up to fool myself into believing that i could never truly fall in love. i feel it, and i am afraid. i am afraid that it isn't even my poor fragile heart that you yearn, that it is just my old habit of being naive and childishly hopeful. tell me that i am wrong, so that i can be sure of my feelings, and of yours, and of what we could have. or tell me that i am right, that it is just me and that there isn't some connection between us, so that i can have some peace and let you go and begin my search elsewhere.


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if a house is made from a thousand bricks, then let me be one of those bricks, to help keep the house together, to make a significant difference.

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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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