review: wing jones

Wing Jones by Katherine Webber is just phenomenal. I love, love, LOVE it! It's one of those books that I'll automatically suggest to people when they ask me for book recommendations. This beauty deserves so much love, I'm rating it 4.75 stars!

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Jandy Nelson meets Friday Night Lights: a sweeping story about love and family from an exceptional new voice in YA. With a grandmother from China and another from Ghana, fifteen-year-old Wing Jones is often caught between worlds. But when tragedy strikes, Wing discovers a talent for running she never knew she had. Wing's speed could bring her family everything it needs. It could also stop Wing getting the one thing she wants.

I immensely enjoyed the plot in Wing Jones. I couldn't get into the story after reading the first chapter, so i left it to read a different book. When i got back to it i cursed myself for not reading just another chapter that first time, because I got so hooked into the story! I kept wanting to read more because it was just tragic and so full of emotional moments. Wing Jones is such a beautiful coming-of-age book that feels very realistic. I appreciated that the author showed that there are consequences to everything that you do, even if you're not a bad person.

The characters introduced in this book are simply incredible. I love every single one of them, except for maybe that one bully. But the rest are so lovable! I deeply appreciated how imperfect and flawed they are, because it feels more realistic and makes them so much more relatable. I found pieces of myself from bits of each character. I absolutely love our main girl, Wing. I love reading her thoughts, empathizing with her emotions, going through the journey of self-discovery and grief with her. I love watching her discover love and friendship, and finding potential in herself. I love the other characters too, especially Aaron, Marcus, Marcus's girlfriend (I can't remember her name), Eliza, and Wing's grandmothers. Wing's grandmothers are hilarious! One is from China and one from Ghana, and they're so different it was very heartwarming and entertaining to see them argue and try to get along. The pool of characters is so diverse in age, race and sexuality it's so wonderful.

I have to say, I can't believe this was Katherine Webber's debut novel. Her writing is so beautiful, it seems like she's written so many books. I dog eared so many pages that i found to be relatable and incredible. Her writing made me explore so many different emotions, from sadness to anger to excitement and fear. It was very easy to get into, i could read 50 pages and not realise i've read a whole chunk already. I love that the romance wasn't at all overwhelming, because this book was about more than just romantic love. It was about love in a family, and the things one was willing to do and sacrifice for the people they hold most dear. It was also about the joy of discovering friendship, of finally finding somewhere you belong. I love the uplifting and empowering vibe at the end of the book, it feels like i've conquered something just like Wing did. Also, I felt a huge urge to go running again. I used to be an athlete when I was in school, and all the track scenes made me reminisce the good old days when I was fit and active. 

All in all, this is definitely one of my favourite books this year and I hope a lot more people will read it. This is perfect for YA contemporary lovers, and for people who want a great coming-of-age book that'll make them feel great at the end. It is an incredibly-written diverse book, and i can't wait to read more books by Katherine Webber! :D


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