bleeding heart

I hope you will never forget
the look on my face
When you shattered
the possibility of our future.
When you butchered
all that you had promised.
When you stood before me
as someone
i could no longer recognize.

Because the person i knew
the one i fell in love with –
my best friend –
who has seen my soul,
who knows my demons,
appears before me,
a stranger.

I hope you will never forget
the pain in my eyes
As I asked you the question
that i never imagined
would ever be relevant
in this love.

“So you don’t love me anymore?”
I muttered, as i convinced myself
that this was a dream,
That I was having a nightmare,
And that before you would answer
I would wake up
with my heart racing,
but with it still whole.

But I never woke up.

Your long pause, 
your ridiculous hesitation,
brought the knife
hovering over 
my fragile

It was when you looked into my eyes
It was when you shook your head
That the blade finally pierced through.

I’m glad you looked
into the eyes you once loved,
the very ones you saw your future
and your children
and your home in.
It was you who fed it with hope
With joy, and laughter,
and possibilities.
It was you who taught it how to love,
how to smile,
how to trust.
And it was you
who took it all back.

— n. a. 


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