We Fight.

Captured by @Maryam_512

Asian Schools Debating Championship at STAR, Ipoh.
It was my first ever international tournament. I was scared yet excited to experience something a little different from other debate tournaments. The whole journey was unexpected, which kept it interesting till the end. There were ups and downs, but i'm starting to be okay with it. Personally I think we did great, especially when it's our first international tournament. We got 3 wins out of 7 altogether. Most of the debates we lost were at a close margin, so it showed we could put up a fight for the opposition. We went up against 3 international teams; Philippines, India and South Africa. We lost against Philippines, NEARLY won against India and beat South Africa. The other 4 debates were against Malaysian teams. It was interesting seeing how people from other countries debate. People didn't look at what race you are, where you come from, your achievements or how long you've been debating. Wait, maybe they do, but during the debates it didn't matter. It was about what you said, how you said it, and being persuasive in winning the arguments. It was a battle of words.

My team was once again with Hafiz and Rizal, accompanied by Maryam. I love my team. We even had our own cheer, created by Rizal. You could see that every one of us wanted victory for our team, no matter how good or bad we were during the debates. Who wouldn't wanna see their teammates and trainers happy, especially when you contributed to the reason why? Maybe i wanted too much till i forgot that i had to work super hard to get it. For some reason, i sucked at this tournament. There's just no better way of saying it. I didn't feel like i was getting better compared to the last tournament. In a way, that kinda frustrated me. Ah well. ASDC became like a training week for us, to prepare for a competition that mattered more; IIUM Interschool which is gonna be in exactly a week. I'm not sure how much i'll be able to improve till then, but i hope i won't bring my team and trainers down again. 

It's not all about winning or losing. I care more about the joy, fun, spirit and determination more than winning. Meeting other people with the same mindset is wonderful. Getting support from many people increases my determination to never give up. I gotta get myself together.  I wanna keep trying to prove to everyone that an Islamic school like ours can be hard to beat, that we can debate well too. I know Hafiz, Rizal and Maryam also wants to prove themselves, maybe even more than I do. Hopefully with our determination, effort and spirit, we'll be able to.

Nothing's difficult
Everything's a challenge
Through adversity
to reach the goal

To the last day
To the last round
To the last speech
To the last minute

We fight.

Thank you to the school, our principal & president, our trainers, and everyone who supported and prayed for us. May Allah bless you all.

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Loyal supporter ;)

First round against Philippines.

Yep, they're my teammates xD

The guy in the middle's Aqlif, my Harry Potter buddy from KDU,lol

Heheh xD

The view from 20 floors up.

Stayed here for a WEEK with Maryam :D

Laughing after the first round? Lol

We're triplets ;D

STAR, Ipoh.

Lunch with SMI Hidayah peeps at Johnny's :D

5-Daysary for the triplets, LOL we had to celebrate.

The spectacular trainers =)(We were overjoyed when they came to visit!)


  1. Love your debate pics! ^^

    Btw, the picture with the SMIH girls, is that Dalila Kahar in the middle? :P



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