English Camp 2012; Gear Up to Speak Up!

I don't know about you guys, but i thought English Camp this year was a BLAST! So many sweet and bitter(literally, they ate bitter gourd) memories! I have to admit though, being a facilitator is NOT easy, though i had so much fun seeing everyone participate in all of the activities. I was also very proud of my schoolmates. Other than that, i saw many young primary students speak up with full confidence, which made me even prouder. Those who hardly ever communicated in English were forced to use that language, and they're actually pretty good! In a way, we kinda made them not want to speak in Malay anyway. We used a monetary system instead of a point system. Every time they spoke in Malay, that would mean we were allowed to take RM2 from them. Haha, i remember their begging cries and apologies, persuading me to give them another chance! The teamwork and cooperation from all the participants was wonderful, especially during group activities such as The Amazing Race and War Game. Well, i'll let the pictures tell the story of English Camp. Oh, i didn't get to capture pictures for War Game, waterfall or Night War Game, so just know that they were AMAZING as well. Great job to everyone who was involved! :D

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Last Checkpoint for The Amazing Race :D

Praying during The Amazing Race. Whatever we do, we never forget our duties as a Muslim ;)
Checkpoint 7: RAFTING!:D

Checkpoint 3(mine): Face your fears!

Their reaction to the drink was PRICELESS. I recorded it ;)

 Bitter gourd + Carrots + Sawi + cookie crumbs blended. Anyone miss this? ;D

Obstacle Course!:D Some got really muddy, haha!

Girls will be girls, boys will be boys =)

Appreciating the rain during the obstacle course, haha.

Whoo, go Jimmy!LOL

The smartphones we collected from the students. This was only around 30% of all the phones.

Syed, from team RAWR!:D

Whoooo, brickphones FTW.

The girls' teams, tied together with their members.

We had a race. It didn't end well for some teams; some girls fell over =/

So sorry for making you guys suffer!heheh.

The bonds created =')

Public Speaking about "freedom".

Public speaking about "Computers"(i think).
Primary Public Speaking. She was so cute!:D

Viper X, the unexpected champions =) Lead by Irfan.

The Adventurous Backyardigans! Lead by Aisya.

The A Team, lead by AlQays.
Al-Mujahideen, lead by Ammar.

Under 18, lead by Eri.

Supernatural Khalifahs, lead by Maryam.
Valiant Spunky's Girls, lead by Raihan

Team RAWR, lead by Syed Kamil Zahin.
Basmazunaa, lead by Anati. Credits to Atiqah for the picture.
Nature Warriors, lead by Hidayah. Credits to Atiqah for the picture.

Forever lasting memories.
Sorry if there aren't many pictures =)


  1. I cried , cause i'm not there :'( UGH , I HAVE TO ADMIT I MISSS SRI AYESHA ... I MISSS YOU GUYS :'( Esp : YOU PUTRI & AISYA . T_T



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