a very memorable weekend :)

Cheng, Iyad, Kuchai, Meor, Fakhry, Fattah, Luqman, ME xD, Madihah, Syakirah and Munierah =')

I had a really amazing weekend. 

I teamed up with Fattah for UKM IV British Parliamentary debate, and we named our team Munirah al-Haddad in honor of Iman and Syed. We just couldn't let go of the dream team yet :) But anyways, this was my first EVER BP debate, and i was extremely nervous before the first round. We got third place for the first two rounds, second for the next one, first for the fourth round and fourth for the last preliminary round. The last round was a bubble room, so because we didn't get a better ranking, we didn't get to break into the Quarter Finals. I was quite disappointed  in myself because i didn't do that well in the last round, but ah well i still had a LOT of fun debating with Fattah. We got first place in the round i actually researched about, and the feeling of FINALLY getting first felt so beautiful :') Thank you Fattah! :D
Anyways Fakhry and Munierah(Team MAHISS Rebels) qualified for the Quarter Finals so I still went to UKM on Sunday to support them, and guess what? We got visitors!:D Luqman, Affan, Raihan and Maryam decided to come for the day, YAYY. 

I really had fun on Sunday, being around debaters and all. They easily made me smile and laugh and not be afraid to just be myself. I haven't felt that in a while, so it was really nice to have a nice day spent with those who understand. This time it was Sri Ayesha, Al Amin Bangi, Al Amin Gombak, Maahad Hamidiah and SDAR just chilling out, watching debates, playing bluff,being random and taking pictures. Oh yeah and SMI Hidayah too, since Dalila was there! Even though she's in KDU now but still it was fun chillin' with her ;)
I miss being united with debaters, especially while i'm participating in the competition. Many of my other debate friends weren't around, so i hope soon one day there'll be like a HUGE reunion or something, because this is my last year debating in high school. I shall miss all of this.
Oh and i just HAVE to mention this, I WON THE FIRST GAME OF BLUFF,YAYY xD
Fattah got second place, so YAYY SAIS FTW.
Since i'm TERRIBLE at telling lies, i told the truth. It's a great tactic to win because everyone expects you to lie ;D But they all ganged up on me for the next round. It was impossible for me to win that one, haha. 
After UKM IV ended, i went to Hazim's house for iftar with my classmates. PinNK got to unite for a few minutes, because Nabiha had to go home.  It was beautiful, i felt even more complete. Other people who came were Nurin, Amirah, Izman, Syed Kamil, Afdhal(Hazim's neighbour), Sir Rahman and Teacher Diana. Buka puasa was super fun!Lots of amazing food xD I baked muffins the previous night for the first time ever, haha. Hazim's house was freaking huge =O We watched the Olympics badminton final that night(I was tweeting my depression and stress for LCW's loss. I was so upset for him, he truly deserved the gold medal. Forever a legend). Afterwards our teachers had to go home, so we performed our prayers together :)

All in all, i had an amazing day and an amazing weekend :') Alhamdulillah.
Thanks Hazim for letting us iftar at your *HUGE* house!:D

*I didn't get to take many pics!=( But there were lots of other people there too :)


  1. The last pic was random..but really beautiful..



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