can my life be like the ones in books?

Sometimes i wonder if my life would ever be like those spectacular adventures in movies and books. Like, could a random person like me be special enough to have amazing journeys, magical moments, wonderful experiences like the ones we read and watch about? Or are they just fiction; unrealistic, happens to one-in-a-billion people, too fantasy-like to happen? Could my life, at the end of it, be written down with fascinating journeys i went through for others to read and dream about?
Travelling halfway across the world, involved in cool action stunts, meet epic people, hold really awesome guns and swords, fight in a war and survive, don't need to study to get straight A's to succeed, just happen to live in a huge mansion with everything in it, go to Hogwarts, be a secret teen-agent, have awesome martial arts skills and so much more that sounds like the dream life i would want to live in.
Okay, maybe i read too many books.

But is it impossible for me to have a fascinating life? No.

To be honest, i always thought my life was a typical boring life that most people go through; go to school, study hard, get a scholarship(if smart enough), go to university, exams, graduate, get a job, have financial problems for a while, get stable, get married, have kids, grow old, die.

But then again, it will only be typical and boring if i make it that way. Surely i have the power to make that typical life extraordinary? Of course i do. We all do. Life doesn't have to be like the ones in fictitious books for it to be amazing. We are the character in our story. The hero, the chosen one. We can have our own adventure too. What makes us extraordinary compared to others is what we choose to do in our life, how we choose to see things, and how we portray ourselves to the world. Plus, our life is only brilliant and epic if WE believe it is, and do whatever we can to really make it great.

Every chapter of our life tells a wonderful story,but only if we choose to write wonderful things in it. Even if some bad stuff happens in that chapter, but well, the hero always gets to solve things at the end of the day, right? Somehow, we'll figure things out so that we can move on to the next chapter. Not every story is happy and positive throughout the WHOLE book. Most have problems and challenges, which is what makes it fun to read, so that we find out the interesting ways of solving it. Many things in stories comes out with a huge surprise, which makes it even more fun to read. The difference between our life and written stories is that it's actually REAL and happening to us. We get to see it all in 4-D. Even better, we're actually IN the story. We get to decide what happens next.

Well yeah. Maybe it's not like the ones we read about. Maybe it's not at Hogwarts, or Narnia, or Alagaesia, or Panem or wherever. But it can still be a best-selling story, regardless.

I'm gonna continue to write my story :)
What's your story like? :D


  1. Thanks for this. So much.

  2. Awesome!
    I second that!

    I mean, we are the one who live our lives.
    In fact, we are better than what we expect.
    Proof? Difference between running for fun, running in a competition, and running away from an angry dog. Lol

  3. when i read this, i was like ''did you read my mind?''



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