Damansara Open Debate

Again, i'm lazy. Let the pictures tell the story :)

Dalila and Fattah(Team "We Met At Musleh'") with their adjudicator, Madihah.

Fattah FINALLY broke into the quarter finals!! His priceless face ;)

Fattah, Arifuddin, Asyraf, Dalila, MEEE, Qarirah, Madihah and Raihan :)

We met Asyraf in the Octo Finals last year at IIUM Interschool about a Barbie motion(we won). He remembers us,haha!

Me and my teammate, Qarirah!! #TeamExpectoPatronum!!!

Some cool debaters ;)

I was probably the youngest but look like the oldest  xD

Fattah, really am gonna miss him when he goes to Jordan. Been a pleasure to have teamed up with him for 4 years :')
1) I love debating even though i suck
2) I love hanging around debaters because they're epic
3) I'm gonna miss debating next year :(


  1. hey, berblogwalking..sampai bloh awak! nice to meet you...

  2. when i grow up i wanna b a debater just like you



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