Hi, was just bored so i decided to post this random post that is probably pointless. Well at least you all know i'm still alive xD Okay so recently some people have been trying to convince me to try and take medicine in university after SPM. I'm trying to seriously think about it. If any of you have anything to complain or encourage me about taking it, feel free!
But whoaa Doctor Kamalia doesn't sound so right, haha.
I remember what my primary teacher told me once; that i can be many things, but my problem will be choosing what i wanna be. Wow she was spot on correct.
 So far i'm confident about taking psychology, but i don't know, i guess i'm trying to keep my options wide.

Ah well, i'll figure it out later. Gotta prepare for Final Exams soon first!
Have a great weekend!



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2017 Reading Challenge
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