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Usually when you sign up on new social networking sites they give you a profile and you're supposed to fill in the About Me section. At that moment my mind becomes blank and i never know what part of my life i'd like to share with the world, and sometimes they even have limited amount of words that you can use. So i'm just gonna write an About Me here because i can and i'd like to know how well i know myself :)

I'm in Year 10. I like calling myself a 10th grader instead of saying i'm in Form 4 because it sounds cooler. I currently go to a private Islamic school. I like it because it gives me many opportunities to prove myself and they use English as the medium to communicate. My mum sent me there because she was worried i would grow up without an appropriate Islamic environment, because i lived in Australia for 4 years before attending high school in Malaysia. I lived in the capital city, Canberra. No, Sydney is NOT the capital city of Australia and it really annoys me when people think so. No, Canberra isn't lame. It's very quiet and peaceful and people mind their own business, which makes me miss it more and more. I was a pretty sporty kid, but at the same time i wouldn't live a day without reading a novel in a series. I had the awesomest teacher ever. The sports i played were mainly basketball, soccer, tennis and handball. I was an athlete too, i'd represent my school every year in cross country and stuff, but i wasn't good enough to make it past that level. I had a great childhood in Australia, but maybe i'll go more into detail in another post. I'm no longer that kid anymore, and i'm not exactly proud. I don't play sports anymore and it's quite rare for me to read books these days. But on the bright side, i do think i've grown closer to my religion, Alhamdulillah.
My full name is Nurkamalia Aqilah. Nur means light, Kamalia means perfection and Aqilah means intelligence. I think. People usually call me Kamalia. Some call me Malie, Mals Kamal, Kamals and anything else you can derive from my name. My favourite subject is addmath, not because i'm good at it but because the feeling you get when you finally understand it just incredible and totally worth the pain of learning. I don't like chemistry. I own a Samsung Galaxy tab that i bought secondhand from a friend but it still works like a charm and i call it Kelly. My laptop's name is Dagger, short for Daniel Agger. My Nikon D90 is called Leo, as in Leo Torres. If you haven't figured it out yet, yes i am a Liverpool fan, YNWA :) I have arachnophobia, which is the fear of spiders. I'm not THAT frightened of them, my heartbeat just moves really fast and i start to panic a little every time i encounter them,pfftt. Oh, and i like to use 'pffftt' when i'm not telling the truth. I wouldn't count it as lying though, because i'm letting you know that i am :) Also, i like to use 'meh' when i just can't be bothered about something. I have this bad habit of dragging my feet when i walk. I'm not sure how i got used to that, but it annoys my mum a lot. I think i mumble a lot. Some of my friends noticed this, but when i speak in malay or read the Quran i look awkward and weird, like my mouth isn't in sync with what i'm saying. Haha. Oh i say 'haha' and 'lol' a lot even though in real life i'm not really laughing. It just seems necessary.

I don't have a Facebook account anymore, deactivated it in 2010 because of reasons. I haven't eaten McDonalds for a year and a half. Honestly i find it quite disgusting now. I've been blogging since the end of 2009. I don't know how to cook(yet). I have 11 classmates. I'm running out of facts about myself and its sorta annoying because it's like i don't know myself or something. Oh yeah i'm starting to believe i'm bipolar cause i can't understand myself sometimes and it makes me really depressed. Sometimes i don't even know why i'm depressed and i just become really confused and frustrated. I'm pretty sensitive towards family. I'm the eldest among my siblings, so i'm sure those who are as well sorta understand what it's like. My sister and i are 2 years apart and we are almost completely different from one another. She's one of those K-pop fanatics and i shall never understand why. My taste in music is probably lame to most. I hate mainstream songs that never stop playing on the radio. In fact i hate most mainstream things, Harry Potter being an exception. It's quite annoying when everyone likes the same thing, and i don't know why but i don't like to be part of it. I like listening to songs that have meaningful lyrics, something i can relate to from my past, present or maybe even for the future. Or if the song's nice and the singer is amazing then i'll still listen. My playlist is really outdated with the hottest songs but meh.
When i was a kid, one of my favourite shows was Bear In The Big Blue House. Whenever Bear comes and sniffs the camera, i would run to the tv and touch his nose and my family and i would laugh about it. I never watched Nickelodeon when i was a kid because i was so used to Playhouse Disney and Cartoon Network. So that probably explains why i don't like Spongebob. Oh i used to like Teletubbies too, and Lala was always my favourite. I don't drink coke because i believe it eats up the insides of my body. My favourite soft drink is Sprite just because. I like ordering Grass Jelly with Roasted Milk Tea from Chatime. I normally wear grey,black, navy blue or brown clothes because they're pretty. I'm not that tall, about 165cm. I used to be the tallest girl in class when i was in primary school. Well, that changed. My first ever email address is kamaliahasni@yahoo.com but i forgot the password 6 years ago. I used to be addicted to Club Penguin. My penguin was Hermy47. My favourite series to read are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Twilight Saga, The Power of Five, Alex Rider, CHERUB, Warriors and other stuff i can't be bothered to list down cause there's so many. My favourite colour is purple and it's NOT because i like Justin Bieber.

I'm almost never the first one to start a conversation in real life because i'm so incredibly shy. It's weird, i can debate in front of hundreds(if it's a semi final) but i can't talk to one person. Recently i just found out that most of my friends' first impression of me aren't exactly nice and wonderful. I guess i don't really appear friendly, but once you get to know me i really can be nice...i think. When i talk in malay i still refer to myself as 'kita' and the person i'm talking to as 'awak' because it's super mean and awkward for me to use 'aku' and 'kau'. I only use 'saya' when i'm talking to teachers. With family, everyone calls me Kakak so that's how i refer to myself as. I don't swear because in primary school when i was in Australia, every time someone said a bad word, my teacher would say 'different adjective please!' so i got used to that. Plus it's not nice to swear. Except for the word 'crap', i like to use that a lot and no i don't count that as a swear word because they wouldn't censor it on television. I like Skittles. Except the green ones because i don't know i just don't like the green ones that much.
I LOVE TEA. Nearly all types of tea; strawberry,apple and peach flavoured black tea, green tea and really just any tea. I like mushrooms. Lasagna is amazing. My favourite pizza topping is Classified Chicken from Dominos. I've been debating since Form 1, and i've gotten 6 debate-related trophies that i put on the header of my bed, so i always worry they'll fall on my head and i'll get amnesia but i'm willing to take the risk. I've been told by a good friend that for a debater, i'm pretty gullible. It's quite true, it's very easy for me to trust people. Some people take this advantage. Hmm. I wear spectacles, but most of the time i wear contact lenses. I'm short sighted, my whole family is four-eyed, haha. My favourite brand of jeans is Ladylike because they're pretty and i only wear bootcut jeans because i don't like slimfit. I own a pair of lilac Converse sneakers. They're the most comfortable sneakers EVER. Oh and i recently bought my dream shoes, a gorgeous pair of boot wedges that makes me super tall but honestly they're really painful to wear but i ignore the pain cause they're gorgeous.

When i was 8 my parents sent me to a Mental Arithmetic class, so the way i count in math is by imagining an abacus in my head, so it's really strange for me to see other people count with their fingers or just mentally. I also went to an art class(pastel colouring) so i was awesome in art for a while. Now i suck. I rarely wear baju kurung because i never find a good reason to wear it and i've never worn the SMK baju kurung, like ever. I started to wear hijab properly when i came back to Malaysia, and it was one of the best decisions i've ever made. I wear a Baby G watch on my right wrist because my Ustaz convinced me that it was better than wearing it on the left. Okay i really am running out of things to talk about.

Maybe i'll notice more things about myself later in the holidays.
Hope everyone's enjoying theirs :)

Oh if there's anything you're curious about, don't hesitate to ask me on ask.fm/maaaalie


  1. You're really pretty :)
    And you have very good english. Your childhood is pretty much what I wanted, what certain people (me haha) would secretly be jealous about.

    You take really good pictures, your house is big and nice.
    We have a few things in common~
    And, may I know how you make the 'illusion' effect where there's two of you in a picture? Heheh

  2. ahhh i only look pretty in pictures my friend, with all those edits and filters only, in real life totally ordinary ;)

    im sure u actually had a wonderful childhood, its just different thats all ;)

    i used the 'illusion' effect using photoscape, just click on filters>distort>illusion

    heyy id really like to get to know u more :)

  3. REALLY?? Wow I didn't know I left an impression 'til you want to know me more haha xD (I'm too much of an average jane hahaha)

    I bloghop(?) a lot in tumblr and happened to drop by yours. I think there was a link to your blog so I clicked.

    If you're in form 5 this year it means you're born in '94? I'm turning 18 in august so we're not far off in age :)

    Aaaaaand I'm a singaporean. So hi, neighbour! :D

    We really actually have a few (or a lot, depends on how you look at it) things in common. I also go to a private islamic school (in sg we don't have an islamic school that is not private anyways haha) I also used to play a lot of sports when I was younger but not anymore. And yeaah I'm a big girl now so I'm quite busy with things now that I've taken my O level (I think it's the same as SPM?) (Yeah I've graduated!) So now I'm waiting for the application results for me to go to a polytechnic for a diploma. My favourite subject is Amaths too!! I also like it bcs of the same reason haha

    Sadly I don't watch football that much. Hahah but I've grown a liking to Man city. Just a bit.

    Aaaand I'm also one of those kpop fans haha xD I used to be an avid fan, now not anymore alhamdulillah haha. Now I just sometimes listen to their songs. But really, I'm trying not to listen to korean songs anymore since I'll be joining part-time tahfiz in march and it'll just be hard to memorise (you get me, right?). It's also for the better anyway, so yeah.

    I'm a HP fan too gaaahhhhh! But I was sorted in ravenclaw when on pottermore. But yeah gryffindor's still the coolest.

    I'm 169-170 around there. I was the tallest amongst my batch,but I feel like I'm not anymore bcs my friends are like 'catching up' on me lol

    I also used to play club penguin. But I'm not good at remembering so I forgot what's the penguin name.

    We like to read the same kind of books! ;)

    I can't believe you said you're shy. I mean, you look totally fine blogging here!

    I'm actually one of those people that will be the one who initiate the conversation when meeting a new person. My friends say I'm the "happy-go-lucky" type. But I know we're totally going to click if we ever meet, insyaAllah :))

    Here we also talk "awak kite"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! asdfghjkl

    But I talk to my schoolmates and guys as "aku kau" because my guy friends tend to be jerks and immature so yeah we girls have to be a bit aggressive in front of them, heheh :)

    We also refrain from talking with unnecessary words, you know what I mean haha. But we do use 'seh' sometimes.....like when you say 'crap' haha x)

    I also wear specs too~
    But I'm too afraid to put those things in my eyes so if I don't want to wear specs when I go out, I'll just not wear them. But my degree's not too high so yeah, all is fine.

    So yeah :)

  4. WHOAH we DO have a lot of things in common!!Yayyy i've found another personality twin!!:D

    Actually i was born in 1996, turning 17 this year ;D But awwwh best gila, you've graduated! Im so scared to face SPM =S

    And yep if we ever meet insyaAllah we'd have no trouble getting along, im usually the type that waits for someone to be friendly THEN i'll never stop talking!hahah

    im glad u found my blog, ur really nice and you have awesome english :) do you have twitter by any chance?;)

  5. Another?!?! You mean you've met people with almost the same personalities?? Haha

    Oh yeah I meant to ask if you're in 96, I accidentally typed wrongly haha.

    Yup! Don't be. Just study hard and when the exams are near, study smart ;) in our school we have this sort of motto: D.U.I.T. Doa, usaha, istiqamah/ikhlas and tawakkal. First we have to usaha. And be consistent about it (istiqamah) at the same time we have to be ikhlas when studying/revising so the ilmu sng masuk otak. Then after all the exams, time to doa. Actually doa you can do anytime, even before the exams end, like doa sng masuk otak, doa before study, etc. Theeennn when on results day, time to tawakkal :)

    Alhamdulillah I did what my teachers and asatizah asked me to do and managed to be in the top ten in my school, alhamdulillah. Seriously I'm actually not that smart, bcs I've always gotten average marks. But right after all the exams end, I consistently and persistently doa until results day. Now I truly understand the saying 'never underestimate the power of dua' :')

    I.......deactivated it just recently due to unavoidable reasons x) it's funny how you have a twitter and deactivated fb and I deactivated twitter and am active in fb.

    We can exchange numbers and contact through whatsapp though! :D

  6. Hahah yup! There are a few actually, though of course there are a few differences ;) if u've read my recent post, Dear Maryam, she's one of them ;)

    Ohh i've heard of that motto before!It sounds really helpful, thanks for sharing it with me!It really does seem like the key to success, insyaAllah.im gonna try my best :)
    oh and congrats for getting top 10!!im sure u totally deserved it, with you efforts and all <3

    LOL it seems like we're personality twins with some totally opposite characteristics too xD sure, we can exchange whatsapp ;)
    my number is 011-1973-3971 :) i can only use tht number for whatsapp, cant text or call. im rarely on it nowadays though, so i'll reply when i can yeah ;) yayy xD



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