bye bye form 4

Dear Friend,

Yesterday, i was a Form 3 student. Today was my last day as a Form 4. Tomorrow, i'll probably be facing SPM.

Why does time pass by so incredibly fast? Every year, it gets even faster. When i was a kid, this was exactly what i wanted. I used to wish i had a universal remote like in the movie "Click" and can just fast forward my life into the future me. What was i thinking? I don't even have a universal remote right now, and the minutes,days,weeks,months and year already feels like it's been fast-forwarded. All i want right now is for it all to slow down, so i can look at the moments carefully and enjoy every small bit of it.

The problem with me feeling like time went by so quick is i feel like my whole year was compressed into a small box, and that nothing much has happened,therefore making the year seem so boring. But that's not really true if i really think about it. Yes, time went by so fast and i can still remember my first day at school as a Form 4 student, but really, I've gone through so many sweet moments and created so many spectacular memories with many incredible people. In reality, i had so much fun. And as they say, 'time flies when you're having fun'.

I'll write about how amazing my year was in another post later in the holidays.

 Tomorrow is Graduation Day, but i'm a year too early to graduate from Form 5. I just know that the day i end my school days will come sooner than i expect it too, because it always feels like that. Growing up is very emotional for me because of the mixture of sadness, excitement,confusion, curiosity and about 50 other feelings i can't even find words for. Some people find it easy to just go with the flow and keep moving forward, but for some reason, it's very hard for me not to look back at the previous page, to where i came from before going on to the next chapter.  I guess that's my way of treasuring and appreciating the good moments that occurred in life. At the same time, it's not always a good thing, because it holds me back from trying out something completely new, completely different. I guess that's why i don't really like big changes, because i'm afraid to let go.

But one day i'm going to have to. But not today.

I don't know when the world will end, or when i'm gonna die, but i sure will try to make the best our of my life, while i still can. I hope you will too, and thank you for being a part of my life.


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