senior year

Coming soon to your nearby theater :)

It's been nearly a month since school started and i still can't believe i'm in Form 5. Like seriously, i never really imagined being a senior in high school, not with how immature and kiddish i am sometimes. High school will be over in 10 months, so i'm determined to make every minute count. I'm gonna try my best to not fill my precious school days being depressed about pointless things. This chapter of my life is going to end with many beautiful memories, i'll make sure of it. It may not be a big deal to some people, but to me, it's my last year of being in my warm comfort zone. One day, i'm going to have to step out of it and enter the real world. Those who really know me would know that i don't like huge changes in my life. One day i'll need to be independent and become a mature adult if i want to survive the hectic world out there. But ah well, there's no point in worrying about that right now. The biggest thing i need to worry about is SPM(nooooooooooooooooooo!)! It's extremely important that i get excellent results, so i'll have to put my Hermione mode on and make those textbooks my best friends for the next 10 months. It's totallyyyyy going to be exhilarating :P I guess it's a sacrifice i'm going to have to make now in order to not regret it later in life. Some people may agree that SPM won't determine your future, but right now that's what it seems like so i'm just going to try my best. I failed to get straight A's in PMR, i'm not going to let my parents down again. I'm not doing it for them though, this is for me, for my own future. I don't want to burden my parents in the future :) So far my favourite subject is addmaths weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xD

I hope i'll keep updating, honestly it feels weird to blog again because i tend to run out of things to talk about.
Ah well, pray for me everyone! :)

Oh here are some pics from Qiam last week :)

Triplets united, yayyy! Maryam and I miss Hafiz, he moved schools :(

meet your  form 5 seniors hahah


  1. Make every minute counts. You go, girl!

    Hopefully we all have that kind of reaction to life.
    And better perhaps.
    We never know when is our last stop.



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