"So many things become beautiful when you really look"

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We take things for granted. We take LIFE for granted. We always think we will be one of those lucky people who gets to live until they're old, after they have lived a long, satisfying life full of many great memories. Perhaps we will, but how do we know that maybe we're not one of those people?

Recently, i've gone back to reading books and so i decided to read this one book that was quite interesting, even though i find no logical way for it to be real, but the message and the concept gave me something to think about. In the story, a popular high school girl who pretty much has everything she ever wanted, though really she's very mean and selfish, died one day. Somehow, she woke up to the SAME day that she died. At  first, she thought it was just a crazy dream, but later on, everything happened exactly the same way as it did the day before, unless she did something to manipulate her surroundings. She died again that day, and the same thing happened; she woke up to the same day again. After a few days of living the same day, she decided to change herself a little; she was nicer to people, she told her mum she loved her, spent time with her little sister. She felt great. After 7 days of living the same day and becoming a better person every day, she finally died and didn't wake up again. I guess that meant that she could move on after discovering how amazing her life really was after REALLY living it. Even though it was just a fictitious story, but the idea of it made me think. This girl had a chance to relive her life and change what she regretted. She had the chance to make it up to the people she had done wrong to, and tell those whom she loved about how she felt about them. She had a second chance.

But we don't. We don't get a second chance. We live in the real world, in the world where we don't know about when we are going to die, or when the last time we see one of our family members or friends will be. We don't know when it will be too late to repent, or when everything we treasure will be taken away from us.
We don't know.

That's why we need to always remember that our time here on earth could be over at any time, so we shouldn't take anything for granted. Appreciate every little thing we have, before it's gone. Really LOOK at the things around us, because once you realise that Allah loves you enough to bless you with those things, many things will become beautiful. Many people in the world aren't even fortunate to have half of the things that we do, and here we are thinking our life sucks and keep wishing we could have more things, rather than looking back and being grateful for every blessing that we already have. Try to count those blessings, i dare you. Don't ever think that just because we are still young, we should be allowed to do whatever we want to, because we think there will always be time to repent later or that Allah will understand that 'just because we're young', we were not rational enough to decide what we can and cannot do.

The thing is, we know nearly all the rules Allah has set out for us. The simple things like praying 5 times a day, not hurting other people's feelings, covering our aurat, not touching a person who is not our mahram, respecting our elders and all others, we already know those things. We KNOW what we should and should not do, so really, i think it's crap when people say teenagers make mistakes because we are still young and irrational. The day a girl gets her period and a guy has wet dreams(excuse me for being direct) is the day we are responsible for every single action that we do.

This may be one of typical posts you probably have read a million times before, but i hope that you don't think about that, but think of what i'm trying to remind everyone. I myself am not perfect, i struggle a lot to keep being on the right path, but with constant reminders and support, in sha Allah i can make it. I can't stand watching my brothers and sisters freely committing sins as if they weren't even educated, or don't even care about the punishments ahead. I hope one day Allah will open their hearts and make them realise the little time they have left, so that they can repent straight away. Remember, Allah does not forgive those who repents right when they are going to die. While there is today, let's keep improving ourselves, and persevere until the day we finally die. Every wonderful,exciting and amazing thing on Earth will be millions of times better in Paradise. Don't you want to go there?


  1. boleh tahu buku apa? :) nak beli nanti

  2. it's called Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, tapi the content is a bit mature just so u know :)



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