It's amazing how different everyone's lives can be. I don't think any two person has ever lived the exact same life with the exact same situations happening. Of course not, nobody is the same, not even if they are twins. As we live, billions of other people are living too. Try to look at the moon. As you stare at its scintillating brightness, has it ever occurred to you that a million other people could be looking at the same moon, at the same time but in different parts of the world? I find that thought magnificent. Sometimes when i'm sitting alone in public, i look at the people around me and quietly wonder what their life must be like. Being human, the first thoughts that appear in my head would be my judgment based on their appearance. If they're in branded clothing and are wearing wide cheerful smiles, then they must be living a nice wonderful life with hardly any problems. But who knows, it could be the exact opposite. That old man who looks scary and whose lips never curved up could maybe be the most caring and fascinating man I will ever meet. That little, hyperactive girl who made her baby brother cry could grow up to be a beautiful young mom telling her own daughter not to bother her younger brother. All these strangers around you live brilliantly different lives you would be fascinated if you found out what their life was really like. People keep so many things inside, and no other human knows what another's life is truly like without stepping into their shoes, looking at the world with that person's eyes and actually living their life. But since that's not possible, then no, we can never magically understand and truly know.
What about our life? Have you ever wondered if some random person has ever seen us by chance and has ever been curious about what our life could be like? What would their guess be, i wonder. This is why it's quite a pleasure to get to know a completely new person, someone you have no knowledge about. You could have all these assumptions and theories about a stranger by the judgement of their physical being, but once they tell you what their life is really like, that's when you get amazed. This is when your perception of that person starts to change, whether in a positive way or not. It doesn't have to be with a complete stranger, sometimes if you suddenly start to get to know someone you always see around, but never really talk to, you could be surprised by how different your first impression of them and your current perception of them is. It really does make you feel like slapping yourself for being negatively judgmental in the first place. Or maybe its just me?
I've been told by some people i'm quite close to now that i didn't exactly have a pleasant first impression on them when we first met. I was quite surprised to know that most of them were negative perceptions. They tell me now that they were wrong, which i'm quite happy about. Though what worries me is the way i present myself to strangers. I don't want to set bad first impressions, because i understand that it's natural for other people to make judgments before really getting to know a person. I do it too sometimes, without realising. It's not a good thing, so let's try to change that about ourselves. Lets always assume good things about others, because wouldn't we want others to assume good things about us?
At the same time, lets try to present ourselves in a way that would not make others judge us negatively as a first impression. A simple solution is to always have a friendly, sincere smile on our faces, you don't just get rewards but you could prevent others from scarring their mind with negative thoughts too.
I'm terribly sorry if i seem like a horrible person.
But hi, my name is Kamalia, and i can be surprisingly nice if you give me the chance :)

I just felt like writing this blogpost, not sure why. Sorry if it didn't make any sense :)


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