Should i try to write a book?

I've been told that i have good writing(i honestly think people are lying though) and some even asked if i ever considered being an author. I love to write, but my problem is always coming up with ideas on what to write about. I'm also quite lacking in creativity when it comes to original writing. Every story I've written would always be inspired by some movie or book or a real-life situation I've been through. And of course, my grammar is still not perfect and my vocabulary is extremely minimal. Perhaps someday when the mood swings by, i may just post whatever writing i come up with on my blog, and if i get good comments(which i highly doubt), someday i'll try it out for publishing, but that doesn't seem that likely. My English teacher said i have potential, so that's motivating. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions on what they would like to see me write about, do tell me and i'll give it a thought :)

*lol what, no one's even gonna read it*


  1. About a friendship. Maybe? :)

  2. about a friendship. Maybe? :)

  3. I would like you to write about something that can inspirer me to look forward to be in jannah with wonderful people

  4. One way is combining your blogposts. You know the actor Zahiril Adzim? Thats what he did and the book was a major success :-) *my opinion though.

    Btw, nice blog. Keep writing :-)

  5. Nada: hey, thats actually a really good idea, thank you <3

    Anonymous: Wow, thats a big challenge, but challenge accepted :)

    Aisyah: omg thats so cool, what was the title of the book?:D

  6. Here's the link to his blog, its on the left sidebar. Too segan to mention it hehe ;)

  7. Where are you going to write the book?

  8. you should, you should!
    and you said who's gonna read the book?
    i know i do.

  9. sigh. just like me. we have so much in common.

  10. It doesn't matter if your stories are inspired by books or movies. As writers we should be less interested in originality and pursue authenticity. Sincerely believe in and love what you are writing, don't torture yourself! Good luck.



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