I don't know if it was because i was excited for them to go explore the wonderful, magical world of debating,  or because i wished i was in their place, or if it was because they're like my little brothers and sister. Perhaps it was because of all of those reasons that i'd grown to care for them so much. Have you ever felt happy and sad at the same time, but the feeling feels so strange and unfamiliar that you can't decide what you're supposed to do about it? Well, that's how i feel right now.
I know my high school debating days are  pretty much over, and that it was time to give the chance to my fellow juniors to go through the many fascinating adventures. They're going to struggle and face many challenges like i did, but i know one day they'll really understand why i really loved to be in that world. The reason why i'm happy is because Maryam, Eri and Alqays have grown up so much since i first met them, and because they have high determination to prove themselves. When i trained them for the past few days, i could see the spirit in their eyes, even if they didn't realise it.
The reason why i'm a little sad is because i wish i was there with them the whole way. Seeing them leave school to the debate competition without me broke my heart a little, like a mother letting her child go and explore the world without her for the first time. Maybe it was because i had grown quite attached to these kids, but i did feel more like a big sister or mom rather than a typical senior.
I'll be proud of them no matter what happens, as long as they keep learning and trying to improve themselves.
Forever #TeamSriAyesha :)


  1. Wow you're so mature! Unlike me. Sometimes when I read your post I wonder who's the older one. Haha. Is everyone this mature there?

    You've made me want to join the debating team in my new school this year :') insyaAllah. Though I'm so old to still be a novice...haha



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