Two simple ways to improve ourselves this Ramadhan

We should never think we are doing enough as a Muslim, because there is always more in this beautiful religion for us to discover. If we pray 5 times a day, then alhamdulilah. But that's still not enough, especially if the quality of our prayers in terms of khusyu' is not always there. One of the easiest ways to achieve khusyu' in our prayer is to understand what we are reciting. For a start, try to memorize the meaning of Surah Al-Fatihah, since we read that at least 17 times a day. When you have achieved that, try to remember, think or visualize the meanings of each verse as you pray. When you can do that with full sincerity, then the feeling of just reciting that surah in prayer is masyaAllah, so beautiful, i promise.

That is only for one surah, but what about the other things we recite in solat? They also have fascinating meanings, and when we are sincere and can understand what we recite in our prayers, then we really will be able to feel Allah's love, we really will feel that Allah is with us.

Seeing as Ramadhan is coming, it would be a brilliant idea to try to improve our ibadah by at least understanding what we read. Here are some videos i found inspiring to help :)

May Allah guide and bless us all this Ramadhan, and may we continue the good deeds we do even after Ramadhan :)


  1. Wow! Those videos are helpful. I am really touched with the meanings that I read like everyday in my solat. Thanks Sis Kamalia. >_<



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