So many people are getting married nowadays, it's beautiful to see two people being united under Allah's blessings. One of newly wed couples would be my math teacher, Sir Redza and Kak Humaira'. I swear they're the most adorable couple i've ever seen, even though i've only seen them both together through pictures and hearing cute stories from their wedding. I'm quite fascinated by their marriage, because it was basically an arranged marriage, but when i see pictures of them together they look like they've always been together. I guess that's the beauty of a love life under Allah's blessing. They fell in love after marriage, and you can see how deeply happy they are. It's true what they say, that if it is meant to be, then it will be, no matter what. They look absolutely perfect together, and it gives me inspiration somehow. Many of these kind of marriages end up so wonderful, some of my teachers and their new family are the proof of that.

You know how we're teenagers and it's supposedly quite normal for us to daydream about who we're going to marry and feel all bubbly about our crushes and stuff? I'm starting to realise that it's pretty useless. I'm not saying it's wrong to like a person and stuff, but it's how we express our feelings. At this age, most of the time it's probably unnecessary to get into these not-yet-halal relationships. I do believe that a love life that is blessed by Allah will last forever with true happiness, insyaAllah. So what would be the point to get into a love life that isn't yet allowed, one that isn't yet halal? Do you really think Allah would bless that? No, He won't. Not until you both have sealed the deal with marriage.

If i remember correctly(i could be mistaken), syaitan cries at weddings because they're sad that they cannot fool the couple to commit maksiat anymore. They've been around the whole time before that, but when you both are officially halal for each other then they go away because there's no point of them sticking around anymore. You both can literally do anything at that point and you don't even get sins for it. In fact, every romantic thing you do with your spouse will earn you rewards from Allah SWT. That shows how generous Allah is, and i imagine it to be something fervently beautiful that's worth every wait.

We all forget, yes. Sometimes we're strong enough to resist the temptations to express ourselves, and sometimes we're not. But while we still have today, and while we're still inspired and reminded, let's try to do the right thing not only for ourselves, but for the other people we could be saving from sins too.

Frankly speaking, i cannot wait to get married. Right now i'm more inspired to marry first and then fall in love rather than the normal fall-in-love-then-marry thing. Or maybe just like someone and truly fall in love with them later when it'll be under Allah's blessing. I want it to be beautiful at the right time, and i know the time is not now.

Ya Allah, please keep me strong, and please save that special someone for me to be someone who will be able to guide me to Paradise. Please keep him strong too. Ameen.

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