Chapter 1: What happened to me?

This is originally for my english homework but i thought it was interesting enough to post about. Let me know if i should continue.

I woke up and could not remember what had  happened. Everything was such a blur that it instantly made my head dizzy from trying to figure out where I was. The last thing I could remember was saying goodbye to my teacher, Miss Meier before I left Palmerston Primary for good.

I reached up to my head to try to relieve the pain that attacked my brain like arrows being shot through it. There was a rough bandage around it, which made me even more confused about where I was. I called out for Mama, seeking for some comfort and closure.

Something started to beep and  immediately, a lady wearing a white uniform with a white scarf around her head came towards me. I realized that she was a nurse, so I guess I must be in a hospital.

“Where am i?” I asked in panic. I knew I was being a little rude with the panicky tone of my voice, but I did not care right now. Why was I suddenly in a hospital? Since when were there Muslim nurses in Australia? What had happened to me?

“Cik, bertenang ya, saya pergi panggilkan doctor,” she said calmly.
I did calm down a little, mostly because I was shocked that the nurse was not only a Muslim, but she was a Malay as well.

I looked at my body while trying to sit up as the nurse left. My skin was a few tones fairer than the last time I remembered it. I also seemed a little chubbier as well. Before I could inspect myself any further, the nurse returned with another lady who was also wearing a headscarf, but she was dressed casually so I assumed she was the doctor. The doctor was quite old, maybe in her late 40’s. Am I at an Islamic hospital or something? I did not know they had one in Canberra.

“Hi Kamalia, how are you feeling?” asked the lady with a friendly and warm tone. “Whathappenedtome? HowlongwasIoutfor? Whereismyfamily-” I could not help but burst out all of the questions that lingered in my head since I woke up. Before I could ask more, another jerk of pain jolted through my head, making the nurse and doctor panic for a second before trying to calm me down. I could see that the doctor had gotten a little worried, but was trying her best to keep calm. I assumed she did not want to scare me with whatever the answers were.

“It’s okay, you are safe. I want you to calm down first before I answer all of your questions, okay? Are you hungry? What would you like to eat? Name anything you want”.

“I just want to see my family. Where are they?”

“I’m going to go call them to come right now, don’t you worry. Meanwhile, just tell Nurse Marina what you would like to eat, and I’ll be back soon. Okay?” she said with a slightly-forced smile.

“Okay.” I wanted to know all the answers now, but I know the doctor was not going to give up, not with her tremendous talent in keeping everything calm. I was starving too, actually. I told Nurse Marina that I wanted to eat lasagna. I’ve always liked lasagna, but it was difficult to find halal lasagna in Australia so I always had to beg Mama to make us some.

When my meal came ten minutes later, I asked the nurse if the lasagna was halal before attacking it. The food was great, but I wanted my answers soon.

To be continued..(should i keep posting?)



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