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Hello there, it's been a while, hasn't it?
I'm truly sorry to those who have been waiting for me to publish new posts. I haven't exactly been busy, i guess i just didn't have the desire to write much nowadays. But it's okay, i'm hoping that will change soon.
So basically i just wanna update some things about what's happening in my life(as if anyone cares lol).

So first thing's first, i've already gotten my SPM results. Had to wait bloody 4 months for it too, but that's okay. The wait was worth it i guess. I didn't get the absolute best results, but it was better than what i was expecting it to be, so i'm thankful and happy enough. I honestly can't believe SPM and SPM results is all behind me now. It doesn't seem real that i'm finally moving on with my life, entering a new chapter. I'm not really sure how i feel about it to be honest.

I did try to apply for a few scholarships. Most of the good ones offer almost completely uninteresting courses(in my eyes) though, so i didn't bother applying except for some major ones like PETRONAS and MARA. MARA was okay since it offers the course that i want, except i'll most likely not study overseas for my degree. It's somewhat sad because it's always been my dream to study in Australia or the UK, but i guess i could still do that for my post-graduate studies later on. We'll see.

So for now, i'm most probably going to do my Foundation studies at University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus in Semenyih. If all goes well, i'll be doing a degree in Psychology(and possibility Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience but it depends) afterwards for about four years. It's both exciting and not-so. Exciting because i'm dying for my college life to start because i'm quite bored these days. I'm a little not excited because it won't really feel like college much since i'll be going there back and forth from my house so it's basically like going to school except that i'll be driving.

Oh yeah, i can drive now too. It's both a very exhilarating and horrifying experience. Before i could drive, i always wished that i had a car and my driver's license so i could just get out of the house and explore the world a bit. Once i was actually able to do so, i realised that there wasn't really anywhere that i wanted to go. I sort of preferred to stay at home for some reason. The human mind and the constant change in desire is just confusing sometimes.

I have my own mini library in my room. I always wanted my own bookshelf, no matter how small.

I'm quite anti-social these days, both physically and virtually. It's not that i don't want to talk to people(okay, it is sometimes) but i guess i've kinda gotten tired of conversations in general, unless it's with people who intuitively make it interesting or fun. So yeah, i don't really talk to people much, only to some specific people. Heck, i don't even tweet much nowadays either. I guess it's a giant sign of boredom.

Something i realised about myself; i can't stay in the same routine or do the same things for too long. I need to constantly try something new, though the changes shouldn't be too drastic. I just need to do different things to keep my life interesting and to not lose my own interest for life. It scares me that it's possible for me to get bored of this gift. It should never happen, because God filled this world with uncountable blessings and challenges. I have not lived long enough to have done everything that could be done. I do think i'm too young to feel this tired. I'm going to try harder to make it more lively.

So yeah, i guess that's all for now. I hope i'll be more hyped up to blog more. I do quite miss it :)


  1. New chapter, eh? College is going to be harder but exciting ;D I wish you all the best for the future!

  2. Hai!

    There's this new program at Intec, under MARA, for students doing their degree in Psychology, since you're interested in it, flying to Australia. Like 30 students arrived last month, program baru. Maybe you could get into that?

  3. surprisingly, i've became anti-social too.. except fr some times tht my mood suddenly becomes better

  4. Iba: thanks, looking forward to it!:D

    Iman: is it really new? awh mann i probably missed it. i tried to find that program on the Mara Loan list of programmes but they dont have it anymore so i had to pick a different program by mara. honestly the programme ur talking about; that was my dream T.T

    munierah: i understand ya <3

  5. Finally someone who might understand why I hate driving.

    All the best for your foundation.
    We will help as best as we can.



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