the new life

A lot of things happened within the last two weeks. It was a whole fortnight full of self-discovery, introductions, amazement and excitement. Basically, i'm loving college life.

I'm very grateful to say that i have around seven college friends whom i'm fairly close to, and a bunch of other people that i'm looking forward to interact with more in the future. My batchmates at Nottingham are mostly really friendly, which is very wonderful because i'm almost never the one to start a conversation with them, obviously because of how awkward i get around people whom i do not know yet. It feels bubbly inside when you can see that some people you just met have the potential to stick around in your life to play an interesting role. It also feels great when you can just laugh and relate with the people you just met, and not need to feel scared or uncomfortable anymore. Honestly, i'm starting to laugh at the last post i wrote, because i can't believe i was that afraid to enter a new chapter of my life. So far, the starting of the chapter has been quite fascinating.

An interesting content of this so-called 'new' life is that i've also been interacting with a lot of the characters from my previous chapter within these two weeks. So it makes me feel relieved that i haven't forgotten nor left behind the immensely appreciable people from my past who have let me grown into the person that i am today. I've met up with my former teachers, my best friends, some debate family members, my juniors and my family.

I love the fact that i've been spending time around amazing people, old and new. It almost scares me that i haven't met any terrible people because it doesn't seem to be realistic in this world that we live in, but i guess i'm not praying for it or anything. I'm grateful for these people in my life, and i guess that's what matters.

And weirdly enough, i actually quite enjoy the lectures and practical classes. I guess i just miss learning new things, and the lecturers are really funny and captivating. I've also discovered a lot of things about myself, such as realising the person i would like to become and how to become that person. I'm looking forward to develop into the Kamalia I imagine myself to be in 10-20 years. But for now, i'd like to live in the moment and take a peek ahead just to keep myself on track.
Thank you for your support guys, i may not say it directly enough but i really do appreciate it. I hope your life is going as well as mine is, but if it isn't, just remember that there's always sunshine behind that rain :)


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