I've just realised that my recent posts have mostly been negative and somewhat depressing, and i'd like to apologize for that. It's not really that i can only write when i'm depressed or unhappy, it's actually because only certain emotions and when particular kinds of events have happened that my mind gets interested to explode with thoughts. And so, it gets stimulated when certain exciting events have happened too.

I think i've mentioned before that one of the most memorable years of my life was when i was 12 years old, which was my final year living in Australia. A few weeks ago my college friends and i chipped in some money to buy our own basketball,so that we would have a decent attempt to incentivize ourselves to exercise. I swear, it was the greatest workout i have had in five years, referring back to the days when i used to play basketball everyday for recess and lunch with my friends in Australia.

Even after five years, i still felt the thrill and exhilaration of throwing, catching, dribbling and shooting the basketball. I'm very rusty of course, and i guess i was never even good in the first place because i used to play it only for fun, but still. It was amazing, even though my stamina was incredibly terrible and i was out of breath after only ten minutes. I wanted to keep playing, just like the old times.

We were playing in the Nottingham Sports Complex Hall and suddenly the head of sports person came to us and told us about the annual Nottingham Tricampus tournament the three Nottingham campuses have every year. This year it was in China, and next year it was going to be at the UK campus. He told us that they needed more people to try out to represent the Malaysia Campus, and instantly i was interested to give it a try. He said we needed to train and if we were good enough, we would have a good chance. It immediately became my goal; to represent UNMC and compete in the UK. If i don't get to study there, playing basketball there would be just as amazing.

While playing, i could still see visions of Tristan teaching me how to play and bounce the ball five years ago. I could still see Sammy, Huy and Nathan passing me the ball and Heather and Emily yelling for me to throw it to them. I could still remember when i used to team up with Matt and Jarrod and i could remember that one year when my friends and i teamed up for lunch time sports and when we got to the finals to verse the teachers. We lost back then but with dignity. I remembered scoring three times in that match, and I remember deciding that that was the best match i've ever played in. Omg for the semi-finals we were all like superstars; our juniors were cheering and asking for our autographs! Beautiful times. Beautiful days.

So there, i hope i didn't bore you even more with a somewhat positive post :)

Salam Ramadhan everyone.


  1. Kamalia, I think you need to come back :)

  2. that could either mean
    1) i need to come back to the present or

    2) you're someone i knew when i was in australia in which case,



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