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This is an Ed Sheeran appreciation post.

As you may or may not have noticed, i've replaced three songs on my blog to 3 of Ed Sheeran's songs from his latest album, X(Multiply)(i thought it was "ex" too). About a month ago, I bought an SD card from a friend who had loads of songs already in it. The full X album was in it, as well as some from his previous album. I don't usually randomly listen to music anymore because i always have other things to do(like reading lol), so i tend to listen to the stuff in my phone while i drive, which is something i also do a lot these days.

I listen to Ed's songs a lot while i drive. At first they were alright and i enjoyed listening to some bits of some songs. Since i'm supposed to have my eyes glued on the road, i never really know the name of the song i listen to or which album it comes from and stuff. After a while when i start to get used to some of the songs(i skip some), i end up really, REALLY listening to the lyrics.

I love how he tells stories in his songs. Some are stupid stories about one night stands and stuff but like, it's really interesting to hear it being told while he's singing. Also, i found it interesting that he sing-raps in a lot of songs in his new album. It's unexpectedly catchy, even though i can never sing along because i suck at that but it forces me to listen and i end up giggling coz Ed's so funny.

There was one song in particular that caught my attention a few days ago.
Afire Love.

It took me a while to figure out what the song was about and who it was for, but eventually i put the lyrics together(yep while driving) and i got so happy for being able to interpret a song accurately(because i suck at that too). The song was for his late grandfather. Not only were the lyrics incredibly powerful, but it also told a love story within a story about family. I couldn't relate to the song but i ended up loving it the most from the X album. Oh, and the song itself is nice, it stands out in the album in my opinion.

Next, i started to notice I'm A Mess. I think what made me start liking it was the passion and emotion i could hear in Ed's voice when he sung. That really impressed me. Then I saw a friend tweeting about Thinking Out Loud and paid more attention to that song and OMG that's like my second favourite song by Ed Sheeran now. It's the default song for my blog right now because i think i can relate to that one more than Afire Love. It's a perfect song for a wedding. I will make sure i have it for mine someday heh. Oh and i just watched the music video and i just fell in love with Ed Sheeran even more. It was just beautiful; the dance, the song, the passion.

The last song is still All of The Stars, because come on it's a wonderful song and i'm still not over it yet.

Some other songs from his old album(s) that i also love are Small Bump(omg wanted to smile and cry, both for this one. gotta listen to the whole song), Lego House, The A Team, Wake Me Up. Maybe i'll include these in my playlist sometime but for now i'll just leave the ones i'm currently obsessed with. Oh and also great ones from X is Photograph, Even My Dad Does Sometimes, Bloodstream and Shirtsleeves.

What's Ed Sheeran's fanbase called? Ah well, consider me a huge fan. Love you Ed, even though you're so unrealistic and you put the standards way too high for guys, your songs still make me bubbly and happy.


  1. I just fell upon songs off his latest album a few days ago.

    Top three favs:
    1. Thinking Out Loud
    2. Afire Love
    3. Even My Dad Does Sometimes




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