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so here i am, on a computer in my university, writing this blogpost instead of working on the shitload of assignments i have piled up. i have a lunchdate in about an hour with hanna who is pretty much my twin because we have a million things in common, the most important thing being that we share the same birthday(yes, even the same year).

anyway, i feel like i haven't expressed myself in a while, and hell it feels about time that i wrote something other than book reviews and stuff. in fact, i haven't read a book in about two weeks, not really. just a few pages at a time. i'm too scared to be too into a book till i neglect doing other stuff so i'm really trying to get my coursework done before i let myself read peacefully again.

it's been months since i really talked about ME, so here's some random updates.

i have a part-time job! i've been working at a chatime outlet since my last long semester break and it's been pretty wonderful. although at times i feel like a mindless robot making drinks, during other times i actually enjoy working. i've met so many kinds of people while working. my coworkers are a bunch of pretty dramatic people, but in all honestly i have learnt so much from them, beyond the knowledge of how to make drinks. they're great in their own way, even when occasionally there's some stupid drama going on. i also love it when i have lovely unexpected interaction with the customers. like once, there was this malay lady buying a drink and i've served her before and she didn't have a member card so i asked her if she wants to sign up because she was becoming a regular customer, but she said she can't because she lives in kuwait and she's trying to drink as much chatime as she can while she's still around. we had a lovely short chat and later when she left, she suddenly came up to me and said "i just wanna say, you are so beautiful!". the hilarious thing is that i know for a fact that i look like crap that time, with a sleepy bare face and wearing the simplest instant hijab. comparing to her, who was so pretty and her make-up was freaking on point. i told her she was beautiful too, and wished her a nice day before she left. that comment made me smile for hours that day.

so i'm still working there but less frequently since i've continued my studies, and i guess i don't want to stop yet because 1) it feels hella great to get your own income and to be able to buy stuff without having to depend on your parents' money and 2) i feel quite independent and less pampered, and it keeps me busy and productive. it's tiring, of course, but it's definely worth it.

i've also gotten closer to my bookish friends from our whatsapp group, and i've even met up with some of them and they're just the most wonderful bunch of people i've ever met. i feel so confident, so myself around them and it's not just when we're talking about books. sure, our common obsession for books started our beautiful bond but then they start to feel more like family. i'll probably write another post soon about how i feel like i have three personalities based on my names and nickname. and also another post about my current favs(music, tv, books, celebrity crush etc) because i just feel like it heh.

oh yeah i forgot to mention that i'm currently doing a degree in psychology at nottingham malaysia campus and i'm in my first year, and everything is going quite well. i know i'm supposed to work harder and be less lazy but idk i'm just trying to enjoy studying and not make myself turn into a learning robot. learning psychology is fantastic and absolutely interesting. i just wish i didn't have to read so much lol.

i've decided to join less clubs/societies this semester, only joining basketball and psychology as regular members. basketball hasn't really started yet so i'm still a lazy and unfit sloth and i only joined the psychology society because everyone taking the course has to. technically i'm also in the debate club but i have no plans to be active in tournaments or anything. i think i'll mostly be helping out with the committee part of the club. i've become less interested to meet loads of people at once, and personally i am completely find with it. i've become more of an introvert, but yeah i'll talk about that more in that personality post i'm planning to write later.

in this moment, i feel tired but i feel okay. i'm thankful for a lot of things. i'm still discovering who i am and trying to figure out a lot of things for myself and even though i don't feel like i've gotten far(at all), i feel okay :)

okay, that's all for now, i think. i have a lot more to say but this will do for the moment. hope ya'll are doing great in life.

- malie/kamalia/aqilah idek which personality rn lol


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