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i really love it when i find people who like the same things as i do so that we can fangirl/guy together and usually that's how wonderful friendships start. so here are some of my current favs, let me know if you like them too! maybe you could even check them out and try see whether or not it's your thing too :)


so if anyone asks me for a movie recommendation these days, the first movie that pops into my mind is A Brilliant Young Mind, also known as X + Y. i first knew about this movie during those random trailer discoveries on youtube and i was quite intrigued by the trailer for this one so i streamed it right away. basically i loved it a lot and now i have a huge, huge crush on Asa Butterfield and i've watched all the movies he has acted in haha. so yes, Asa Butterfield is my current favourite actor. i'll write a proper movie review sometime later but what i wanna say now is that this movie made me giggle and teary and i felt really warmhearted in the end. i don't think it's a movie for everyone though, some people may thing it's a bit slow but it was the right genre for me.


also, another current favourite movie of mine is The Age of Adaline, and not only is the casting for this movie just perfect but the storyline and acting was so good as well. i was blown away by Blake Lively's performance as Adaline, who is a 100+ year old woman stuck in a young body forever. like, i could actually BELIEVE she was 100 years old, she was so good at acting so wise and everything. i also like how it's got a bit of sci-fi elements in it as well as just the drama and romance. i'm too lazy to get the trailer link for that one so just go search it up if you're interested lol.


okay, don't laugh but i've been listening to Shawn Mendes' album Handwritten for a few weeks now and i freaking love his songs?? if you hadn't noticed, i've changed my blog playlist to feature some of my favourite songs by him. it sorta surprised me that i liked his music, because he did seem like another one of those typical teen guy singers girls fangirl over just because he's cute but i'm quite happy to say i don't care about the singer at all really, i just really like his songs. they're not as deep as ed sheeran's stuff but meh i like it. plus he has a great voice.

for the past few days i've also been listening to Demi Lovato's new album; Confident. i'm actually quite impressed with some of her songs particularly Stone Cold, Kingdom Come, Lionheart, Wildfire and Old Ways. Cool For The Summer was addictive as heck for a while too when i first heard it last month(?). a lot of the songs seem self-empowering and i really love that about it. also, the album is like the perfect playlist for the Throne of Glass series! listening to some of the songs and being able to fit it with the characters from the book(especially the main character Celaena) is just so awesome. i can't really talk about it without spoiling anything though so more on that later.


i'm currently not binge-watching any shows atm which is such a good thing because i'm so busy and i do NOT need to be addicted to a tv series right now. last month(or two?) i binge watched two seasons of Beauty and the Beast and even though i didn't really like it that much, it was freaking addictive like i just HAD to keep watching more episodes to find out what happens. 
i've already caught up to Teen Wolf season 5 part A so now i'm waiting for part B to start. honestly though the only reason i'm still watching TW is because i just wanna know what happens. it's not as great as the previous seasons anymore.
okay now to the real favs:
ARROW! i'm so excited that the new season has started and i just love watching it back to back with the new season of The Flash as well. i definitely aint a comic geek but these shows are just so good. i'll be missing the next few episodes since i'm still busy but can't wait to catch up!
another favourite is Grey's Anatomy! my family and i have been fans since we stayed in Australia 7 years ago, and they're finally showing it on Astro so it's so nice to have a tv show my family enjoys again. there's like 11 or 12 seasons at the moment but we're only continuing from season 4 first. that's okay, more family tv moments yayy.
also i'm kinda following America's Next Top Model and i'm rooting for Nyle and Lacey! kinda ship them too.





  1. Malie, aynal here. i tag you in one of my post!

    No compulsion if you do not want to do it ya. Tiada paksaan :) This is just for fun!




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