review: letters to you

"Your love,
It was unconditional.
But mine was in pieces.
So i love you in fragments. 
I loved you broken."

Letters To You is a poetry book about love, written by Almaz A. Reading the poems from the first page to the last will tell the story of a person who wasn't sure they could really fall in love, until someone came into their life and filled in all their gaps and reassured all their doubts. 

This book makes me want to fall in love again. This book makes me want to redefine my idea and definition of love, to find my own other half to be the one i think of as i read the beautiful poetry. Reading the book sometimes feels like you're writing to someone, and at other times it feels like someone is writing to you. I could definitely find myself being able to relate to some of the poetries(specifically the ones about my insecurities when it comes to love), and i found myself wanting to one day relate to the ones describing about being in love with the right person.

This is my first time reviewing a poetry book and to be honest i'm not really sure how one is supposed to do this. But what i can tell you is that i truly loved Almaz's writing. It felt raw and honest and i felt vulnerable at the parts i could relate to, as if the author had dug into my brain and found my hidden and unconscious thoughts and desires about love.


  1. Hi Mali! Do you know where can I get this book?

    1. Hi farah! u can get it from Bookalicious :) the physical store is at The Summit mall USJ. But if u wanna buy it online u can whatsapp them - follow them on instagram(@bookaliciousMY) for their phone numer



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