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I absolutely love the Firebird trilogy by Claudia Gray. It saddens me a little to know that there probably won't be another book in the series, but I'm always going to hope that Claudia Gray decides to write spin-off novels from the trilogy, because there's still a lot of potential to have more cool stories from the other dimensions in the multiverse.

A Million Worlds With You is a great final book, wrapping up the story just nicely and giving the readers closure at the end. I didn't enjoy it as much as i enjoyed the second book, but it was still such a great adventure and i still have so much love for the trilogy. I'm rating the A Million Worlds With You 4.5 glorious stars!

I have to say, i was very impressed with how creative the author had been in developing the sci-fi element throughout the series. In the final installment, the plot gets so complex and mind-blowing. There were a lot of jaw-dropping plot twists and quite a few very well-written emotional scenes. From starting on the whole idea of dimension travelling, the concept built up to other massive possibilities like inter-dimensional conflicts, alliances and even wars. There's even the possibility of dimensions  being eliminated from existence, which honestly is quite terrifying but to see the idea being explored was very cool.

This series isn't flawless, I'll admit. The main problem that i had with the third book was how repetitive the plot had been in the first half of the story. It seemed a little rushed because the characters kept jumping into one dimension after another before the things could really develop properly in that dimension. The second half was just brilliant, even though some parts had also been rushed. I feel like a whole lot more explanation could have been elaborated throughout the book, but I understand that the editor/publisher probably didn't want the novel to be too long, which honestly is quite a shame. Another hundred pages to properly elaborate the action scenes could have made this book nearly perfect.

The character development in this series is extraordinary. The reason why it's quite unlike a lot of other books is because we get to see development from the main universe's characters AND compare it with their selves from the other dimensions that were visited. Seeing the differences and similarities between the main characters and their other selves was fascinating. At times, I even got confused about who I liked better and it felt strange because in a way, it was the same person but at the same time they weren't the same. I really love books that can make you have these kinds of internal dilemma. It also lets you reflect on your own life and wonder about what your other selves in the multiverse would be like. I also loved the discussion about how there may be versions of us who are evil or too kind, and how certain "core" characteristics may remain constant in all versions of a person. The parts discussing about fate and destiny was also very enlightening.

All in all, the Firebird trilogy is one of my favourite Young Adult trilogies ever. It's very refreshing and adventurous and deserves more hype. It made me want to explore more books from this genre, and I'm also making Claudia Gray one of my favourite authors. She has a new sci-fi series coming out next year, which i'm just exhilarated for. I've read only one other book by her titled Fateful, and it was also enjoyable. I'm also planning to pick up her YA Star Wars novels someday. ALSO -- I went to a Kinokuniya x EpicReads event the other day where we got to do a Q&A Skype session with Claudia Gray at Kinokuniya KLCC. It was so much fun, and I just love Claudia as a person as well as an author!

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