review: crooked kingdom

I've finally read the sequel to the hyped-up fantasy book Six of Crows! I was afraid of reading it when it first came out because the hype around it was so huge and i was scared of having high expectations because of it. So i waited a couple of months and now i've completed the duology! What can I say? Two books is simply not enough for this fantastic series. I need more pages, more chapters, more books surrounding Ketterdam and Ravka and the entire Grisha world. I really enjoyed the first book, and i'm very happy to say that Crooked Kingdom did not disappoint. I liked it slightly more than the first book, so i'm rating this masterpiece a 4.6 out of 5 stars!

I had such a great adventure reading this book, i can't believe the whole thing happened within a couple of days. It had a different vibe compared to the first book, and having already gone through the relationship development between the characters in the first book, it's hard not to feel protective over the crew right away.

I was really glad that Wylan finally had his own POV, and they were fantastic! I think i enjoyed seeing his character development the most, and I really appreciated getting to know his past and discovering more about his family. We got to know Jesper a lot better as well, and a lot was happening with Inej and Kaz. I feel like Nina and Matthias didn't really stand out as much as they did in the first book, and I had a minor issue with them towards the end. But other than that, I was really impressed at how Leigh Bardugo could write SIX points of views in one book and manage to make them all sound unique and distinct from one another. I hardly got confused about which chapters were whose, and i think that's a really important achievement for a book. And not only that, but I enjoyed reading every character's chapter. My favourite would have to be Kaz's chapter, of course.

Ah, where do i start with Kaz Brekker? I'm not even going to. All i'll say is that he is one of the best characters Leigh Bardugo has created in the Grisha world. Next to him would probably be Nikolai Lantsov, and I am PRAYING that she'll decide to write more stories about them both. I love how imperfect the characters are, how they all had their own weaknesses and fears. I also love Leigh Bardugo's attempt at diversity in this series, having important characters of different colour, gender and sexuality.

There was a whole load of business and trade politics that, to be honest, I don't understand much of, but it sounded like it made a lot of sense and all the scheming and plans were just brilliant. Reading Crooked Kingdom was like going on a rollercoaster. There were so many times where I got excited and hopeful and then get crushed when something went wrong and downhill. I liked that certain plans didn't work out, and seeing new plans and schemes being discussed with so much detail was very interesting. Some of the plot twists had been predictable, and some blew my mind away.

It was cool that the whole plot wasn't something huge where the characters save the world and stuff like that. It was all focused on just Ketterdam, but so much happens and we even get a visit from some characters mentioned in the Grisha trilogy, so it was still epic.

I definitely recommend the Six of Crows duology to all fantasy lovers, but I highly advise that you read the Grisha trilogy first before starting. There's quite a lot of references that you'll only appreciate if you've read Bardugo's first series, and you'll understand more about the significance of Grisha from the trilogy.

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