Hari Raya at SAIS 2011

Today Sri Ayesha had their Raya celebration.
I thought it was amazing, as usual =D
The environment was so incredible!
Thats the advantage of Sri Ayesha.
Its so small, and so without realizing it, you bond with everyone around you, no matter if they're seniors or juniors or teachers. And our small Fatima Hall carries many sweet memories because of that =)
And guess what else was awesome? THE FOOD!!!!
Its like the school went wild!!EVERYONE went everywhere around the school, to almost every class. Students were all asked to bring some food to share with others, and so this was like heaven to food-lovers xD.
Yeah, i'm kinda lazy to write more. Its Friday night, so tired xD.


  1. it made the tears fall on my keyboard to see all your happy random crazy fun-filled faces.
    Glad u guys had fun. XD
    *Sharing happiness from afar...

  2. awwwww muhammad!!!!!wish u came!!
    we miss you too!when do we get to see you again??

  3. I dunno when.
    Maybe when I do have the time? lol
    InsyaAllah, sometime soon.
    All the best for PMR. You can do it, and so can the rest of you.



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