Openhouse =)

Went to Nabiha's openhouse today. Most of the people i love were there.
Therefore, i had a freaking amazing time =)
Ate great food, laughed at randomness, got pissed at a clown, got duit raya, took pictures, talked.
Best day this month, i reckon xD

Awww, i love PinNK and Nani so much, they always make me smile =')
And they looked amazing too, if you deny that then i don't know which definition of beauty you're on ;)
I'll hold on to them forever, thank you very much.
Oh, and you too, you know who you are =) Thank you for the charm, i love it!!
Like my friends said, you wanna love me, you gotta love my friends too. *Its a package* LOL
Love you all. Thanks Nabiha for inviting me, you and your family are wonderful people, may Allah bless you for your generosity and kindness =)

Love their smiles!! 
AND their randomness xD

Nabiha's amazing parents =)

Why are they so pretty!!

Hahaha, Irsyad was hilarious

Haha, this guy rode a bike here, #likeaboss
Narnia!! I LOVE her eyes and her smile!!

OMG, this guy is actually smiling!!Haha, how often do u see him smile? =)

Me and Nabiha!! I LOVE HER!


FREAKY pedo clown at the back. They screamed when they turned around #memories

Putri and her mom!!Both are pretty!!=D



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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