On My Mind

Dear God's amazing creations.
Do read, for this could be the last post in my life.
A lot of things have been on my mind lately. Good and bad, happy and sad, exciting and lame things.
Its been great having a week off school, not facing ANY of my schoolbooks for my PMR, because its given me a chance to relax and chill before i stress myself out again. It came to a point to me being very, very bored on Twitter. BORED ON TWITTER. That rarely, rarely happens. But i guess because lots of my friends are out celebrating Raya and living their life, and i'm just stuck on it alone, with no one to tweet. But that's okay, because lately even that has given me a chance to think about my life, and other peoples'.

I've been thinking about life and death. Recently, one of the special people in my life are tested with a huge challenge from Allah. Her very close friend just got into an accident, moment before they were going to meet for Raya. Next thing you know, he's in a coma. I've never met him before, but it was just hours before the incident that i tweeted him, and he wanted to give me a surprise. And then i get a call from my friend saying he's in a coma. Oh, how powerful the Lord is. Now i'm praying and praying that Allah will give him and my friend a second chance, and that we all learn from this event and strengthen our faith in Him. And for my friend, she's one of the strongest people i've ever met. Just be patient, my dear. Pray to Him, know that we're all here for you, and believe that he will survive. He's a strong person, and so are you. You can both make it through, insyaAllah.

Thinking about their situation made me think about my friendship with my best friend and my other special friends. How short life can be, and how maybe Allah will take our lives right here and then, and we'll never get to tell each other how we felt. I told my best friend straight away how special they are to me, and i really hope they'll make the best of their life without me. I told them i love them, and one of the best things that ever happened in my life was the times that they made me smile like i'm the only alive person on this Earth. But i didn't get to tell my other special friends, so i'm going to say it now. You guys know who you are. If you love me, you count as my special friend. Maybe we haven't gotten the chance to create as many memories as we wanted to together. Maybe we've gotten on each others' nerves, and hurt each others' feelings. But whatever it is that we've done, i will always, always be thankful to Allah swt for EVERYTHING that He has let us share, and that the fact that He let us create such an amazing friendship. You guys are His gifts for me, that i will forever cherish and love. Maybe i've never told you this, but i love you all very, very much. Life would be very, very different if Allah had decided that you wouldn't be in my life. But the fact is, He didn't decide that. And you guys are one of the beauties of my life. You're too beautiful. I apologize, with deep sincerity from the bottom of my warm heart, if i have ever made you feel like you're not special in my life, if i have ever offended you in any way, or if i have ever appeared annoyingly imperfect as a human being   in your life. If i die unexpectedly, maybe i'm even dead when you're reading this, but you should know that you're amazing. You're amazing, you were amazing in my life, and you're amazing in yours. Keep on being amazing, live your life to the fullest with strong faith in Allah swt, and may we meet in Heaven soon, my friend.

With that, i love you all. All of you. Even if you think i hate you. Even if we've never met. Even if you have no idea who the heck i am. Even if you don't care. I love you, and i hope that if i die, I will at least not have a single soul hate me. Yes, i am a normal human being, Yes, you are too. I forgive you for everything and anything that you have ever done that you owe an apology to me with, and i hope that you can forgive me too.
Friends, family, my dear brothers and sisters, all of you amazing creations of God.
I love you.

I can't see my heart, but i know its begging for your forgiveness =')

 * I'm sorry if i sound like i'm dying. I do have those strong feelings that i am. But Nauzubillah. I just want to remind us all the we don't know when our time is up, when it is too late.May Allah bless us all. Lets pray for each other*


  1. When Allah wants to let us get close to Him, He gives a test so that we remember Him.
    That is why the Prophet pbuh said that the wisest among us are those who always remember about death.



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