First day as a Form 4 kid :D

Fourth of January 2012.
The first day of school. I was trying to sleep since 10.15pm on Tuesday night. Guess what time i really fell asleep? Meh, around 2.30am or something. Haha. I don't really know what i was worried about. It was like my 10th time going to school on the first day. I guess i didn't know what to expect.
But everything turned out fine. Haha i hugged Putri, Nabiha, Raihan and Khadijah straight away when i saw them xD I guess i was quite happy that there were some familiar faces around, especially Putri and Nabiha. It felt a little different without Iman and Fareeha. But i know they'll be great at their new school, they're epic! Our new Form 4 class is...surprising. Haha i spent all day thinking of different things i could do to design the class and make it more lively. I mean, last year our class was like kindergarten. So colorful and comfortable. So i guess i gotta either stop being so spoiled or adjust our new classroom a little. My classmates are awesome. I miss them. We have 3 new students, Nurin, Amirah and Hazim. Well Hazim was around for a while in Form 1, but still. YAYY He's a Red!More Liverpool supporters =') But unfortunately Manchester City was the better team last nite. I didn't get to watch the match cause i was exhausted from the lack of sleep xD A few teachers came in our class. Ustaz Fattah's our new class teacher. He's cool. I'm confident our class will be more disciplined this year while he's around, haha. Teachers explained about the subjects that we could take for SPM. I've made up my mind, i wanna take pure science stream. I know i can do it. I love science. It's BM and the agama subjects i'm worried about. But i've learnt my lesson from my PMR results, so i'm gonna try and work something out to make sure my academic is as amazing as my co-curriculum =) Physics with Teacher Suhaila seems fun. She was very satisfied with our PMR Science results, which made me smile because we were her first batch since Form 1 and we made her proud =') Anyway, i fell asleep on the way home from school. I realized that i'm gonna need a lot of strength to get through the year. SPM is very important for my future. So i shall start to focus from now =)
Oh yeah! I was voted by a majority of my classmates as the Head of Cleanliness! Haha i hope that's something to be proud of xD

Hope your first day was awesome too! Good luck for the rest of the year guys =D


  1. Just to remind, always focus. Physics aint easy. I hope you'll be good, sister! Stay persevere tau!

  2. my goodness so proud of u guys! uve grown up so big noww! XD congrats anyway kamalia for finishing pmr. wish u all the best starting off and kicking some butts for spm~ ;) which sschool iman and fareeha is now at?

  3. nesayang: thanks, sis!! i'm more worried about biology, to be honest xD and it's hard esp when the textbooks are all in bm now =( but thanks!:)

    kak wanie: heheheh thanks!!lol i remember knowing you when i was just form 1 xD iman went to convent kajang, fareeha to SRI Murni. hope i'll see you around this year!=D

  4. a start of a new year with new challenges and new worlds (maybe not so new, but, still, new.haha)

    focus, keep up with those colors. they are helpful in studies.

    do plan urself well, as in, what to study and when to study.
    don't take too long sitting in front of the books. take short rests in between.

    all the best, kamalia. hope to see u soon insyaAllah.

  5. duhh . I'm form 4 too . still can't concentrate the new subjects , teachers , school , friend etc. etc.



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