my childhood friends.

I was never the type of person who was brave enough to be the first one to talk to a stranger. But because strangers were the brave ones to come up and talk to me first, now i'm brave enough to call them my friends. Sometimes thinking about my childhood friends make me smile and giggle to myself. They were the people who helped me build my character and personality. They were the ones i had many childhood memories with, and i'll forever cherish and treasure them. Even though i don't talk to most of them anymore(cause i don't have facebook and stuff), but they'll forever be awesome in my life. We've all probably grown up and moved on with our lives now, but i'm very thankful to Allah SWT that he let me meet such wonderful people who left a great mark in my life.

I only remember a few people from Year 1 and Year 2. There was Tsara Alanna, Adlina Farhanah, Syasya, Zulfitri Hakim, Akmal Aidil,Amirul, Fatin, Maisarah, Amiratul, Hanani and a few other people. But these are the names and faces that i still remember after all these years. Now i'm only in contact with Tsara, and sometimes i see Akmal at tuition but i've never talked to him since i came back from Australia. I remember being the assistant monitor in Year 2. Haha they said i was scary xD

I spent Year 3 till Year 6 in Australia. Met completely different people there. Since Year 3, i made friends with Leah, Cody, Liz, Tijana, Stephanie, Imogen, Sylvia, Mick, Nick, Jake, Brandon, Sammy, Jarrod, TristanAlexander, Vincent, JJ, Mathias, Matt, Huy, Nathan, Claire, Kathryn, Rhiannon, Catherine, Kaitlyn, Helena, Jessica, Naomi, Karli, Charlotte, Kieren, Heather, Emily, Letiesha, Ruth, Jasmine, Aleks, Afif, Taka, Daniel, Sankalpa, Zoe, Nadia, Krishka, Michael, Sophie, Angela, Zoey, Chelsea, Layla and many other people(i'm sorry, i can't remember all right now). I played basketball,tennis and soccer with some of them, read lots and lots of books, played Tamagotchis, were in the same house team, ate recess together, played Handball(the one in boxes) together, made jokes, role-played Warrior cats, entered a talent show with, talked about crushes, went to birthday parties and movies, were Harry Potter fanatics with and lots of other stuff.

Tamagotchis were THE bomb during my days :)
I miss my childhood. Thank you guys. Even though i know most of you will definitely NOT read this, but i still wanna thank you for making a difference in my life.

Haha, you're probably wondering why i'm suddenly talking about my childhood. It's because the other day, my dad's friends from Australia(they're Malaysians) visited us. I knew their kids. They were so naughty and hyper while i was still in Australia. Now they're so smart, cute and mature! The boy has manners now and the girl is just adorable. I met the girl when she was a few days old, now she's nearly 7 years old. It made me realize that time flies by so fast. My childhood is already in the past. I don't regret any part of it. Now i'm in my teen chapters of my life.



  1. hmm..... sis kamalia you had INSPIRE me



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