Journey to the pot of gold.

Life. A journey to heaven, or to hell? It can be both. Heaven is like the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow. Only the pot of gold is worth so many unimaginable things you can't even dream of because it's just too fascinating and beautiful. The objective of the journey was to get to the pot of gold that's on the other side. To get to the other side, you have to cross the rainbow. It's a hard journey, you have to go through many colours and deal with many leprechauns that's trying to stop you. During the start of your journey, you learn the rules and ways to safely reach the other side through a book that's complete with what you need to know. You even get to ask for help from the Creator of the quest. Since He can't directly help us(to test our faith in Him), He sent a Messenger(peace be upon him) to guide us in the right direction.  It was easy and exciting at first. But as you travel futher along the rainbow, you suddenly bump into different colors and meet different people. Some of these people may point to the right color that you need to follow, and walk alongside you to continue your journey together, to help you when you're in trouble. But there are other people who decide to pick the more fun and exciting color that's full of leprechauns and traps, distracting them from the real path that they need to follow. The decision comes to you when you need to pick the right person to follow. You need to have a strong faith to not fall into the traps of the leprechauns and to follow the right colours to successfully get to the pot of gold. It's tiring, frustrating and sometimes you feel like giving up because suddenly the leprechauns have gathered lots of followers who might have forgotten the real purpose of them being on the rainbow in the first place. But there are no shortcuts, unless you die, truly trying to please the One who created you, who created everything that's ever created.

But lets say you're not one of those people who gets the shortcut to the other side. Let's say your actions along the journey need to be measured first, to see if you really do deserve all of the gold. There may be some gold coins along the journey, but nothing can compare to the amount that's waiting on the other side. Then wow, wouldn't you be willing to go through every challenge with hope in your heart, and step through every thorn no matter how much it hurt? Wouldn't you follow all of the rules and instructions, no matter how tempting it was to break them? Wouldn't you follow the right person, or be the person who guides someone else in the right direction to reach the end? The creator of the game, the journey, the quest, is truly fair. Allah is fair. He is the Creator.  Life is the journey or the quest. Syaitan are the leprechauns. The book is the Quran. Asking for help is making Doa and prayers. The gold coins are the small pleasures in life. The colours are the different paths to heaven, whether in the right or in the wrong direction. The people are your friends. The traps are the things that make you forget about your purpose in life. What happens if you don't reach the pot of gold? You'll probably fall out of the sky, and i really don't wanna describe about the place that's waiting for you at the bottom. All i can say is that you won't have time to regret the traps that you followed, and the Creator won't be listening to your cries of help anymore. He would be happily rewarding those who followed the rules, always remembering Him and believing that every challenge that was faced was to test their faith in the Him.

So which path are you closer to? The pot of gold, or what's waiting underneath? Do you have your book of guidance close to your heart? Are you falling into one of the leprechauns' evil traps? Are you asking help from the Creator? Are you following all of the rules? Are you following the right people? Are you being fooled by the shiny fake gold coins on the rainbow, forgetting that on the other side are the real, valuable ones? Which colour are you currently on, and is it the right one? Whatever your answers are, never forget that the Creator is always fair. When you realize your mistakes and intend to change and turn back to the right direction, He'll send good people and a clearer path for you to follow. Of course, us humans tend to forget things sometimes. But don't let that be an excuse for us not to remember again. Don't take advantage of the people there to help you, because they may be your one and only hope of surviving the journey. The moment you realize a trap from Syaitan, remember Allah and your purpose in life, then decide if the trap is worth risking everything you've worked hard for. Follow the lessons and teachings from the Messenger(pbuh), for he has been guaranteed the highest place in Heaven. It's not impossible for us to go there too.
Be strong. Even though you don't know how far along the rainbow you've traveled, but know that with the right intentions and enough good deeds, you're closer. Maybe even closer than you think.
So everyone, good luck on your journey.
May He guide us all.

P.s. You may need a high level of imagination to understand this post, so forgive me if you think i'm a crazy person talking about rainbows and leprechauns =)


  1. I always knew leprechauns were evil. Now I'm convinced ! O.o



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