The best things happen when you least expect it.

KDU 2012.

Honestly, i didn't really expect much. The night before the debate, i was mentally insecure and thought that i was a very stupid girl who can never get things right. Wait, that might still be true, but 
being at KDU for the debate tournament totally made me not care anymore. Last year, i teamed up with Syed and Fattah. This year, my juniors, Hafiz and Rizal, were destined to debate with me. Our goal was to at least break into the Octo Finals. Well guess what happened? We didn't only break, but we broke FIFTH place outta 60+ as well!! Like, WHOAAAAAAAA tibe2 je!?? Suddenly i felt nearly the same emotion as last year, when Sri Ayesha broke 6th place at IIU debate. This year, i jumped up and down when they said "Breaking 5th...SRI AYESHA!". It was a memorable moment. Alhamdulillah. Even though we didn't win, but it showed that we had potential. I was very happy and satisfied, because i got to lead my team twice in the tournament. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Me? Leading a team? Something I've never imagined. Most of the time, Rizal lead us. But during the Harry Potter motion, it was just my thing. Eight years of being a Potterhead FINALLY proved to be useful in my life. Haha.
 During that debate, a guy from the opposition wanted to debate with me about Harry Potter even AFTER the debate was over, lol. He's officially my Harry Potter buddy. I just don't remember his name, lol. We even won the Octo Final round, but we didn't win the Quarter Finals against Damansara Utama. If we had, then they wouldn't have become the champion of the whole thing. Last year, i was worried i was never going to find a new team that i can work with. Alhamdulillah, i've found it. With more polishing, we'll shine.
Thank you Hafiz and Rizal,  I'm so proud of you guys.
Thank you Fattah and Fakhry, for training us this year.
Thank you Maryam and Iman, for your never-ending support.
Thank you everyone who prayed and wished us the best =)
I love you all.

Other than that, so many memories were created. The MUSLEH debate gang reunited - Sri Ayesha + Al-Amin Gombak + Al-Amin Bangi- and it was just really awesome since there were familiar faces and new, friendly ones too. Maryam from SMI Hidayah hung out with us, and she's awesome! It proves that even though we're all rivals, nothing can stop friendship and fun. 
One of the best tournaments i've ever been to. I can't imagine the future tournaments to be better, but i really hope they will.
Till then, we'll be training to win ;)

Credits to Aishah :) Oh, the guy in the white vest is my Harry Potter buddy ;)
 I'll see you all soon =)


  1. Mabruk to all of you!!! I'm so proud!!! I almost terlanggar kereta waktu driving when fattah texted me that you all broke 5th!!! it brings tears and joy to a simple trainer like me who couldn't achieved much during his school years to see his students acomplish mush more. Thanks Guys =)

  2. i really want to get to know you more k. Kamalia :) lots of love from me : Aishah

  3. Subhanallah! Guyssss it seem so funn! Lucky ur school arent like ours, we are tied to so many rules. the reason why we missed KDU and novice!

    btw, I REALLY LOVE UR PHOTOS KAMALIA! They channeled me some positive energy u knoe...

    btw too, for the 1st time mahad sent girls to MSSD. and i saw u!! Voila. ;DD

  4. I never really got to congratulate you properly - so congratulations!! For breaking 5th and getting ranked 11th right, in speakers score?

    Sincerely hope (and praying that) you guys win the IIU IDC this year :) So keep up the good work! Its amazing how fast (and how significantly) you and Rizal improve..

    p/s: I kinda envy the awesome relationship you have with the Al-aminians haha.

  5. Fakhry: arghhhhh i'm glad you didn't hit that car!!Hahahaha xD Awww, ur not just any simple trainer you know. Any simple trainer could make us get up and talk, but YOU made us debate with spirit and passion, good enough for quarter finals. so thank you, fakhry. without you, your support and trainings, we wouldn't have achieved what we did :)
    and hey, what are you talking about??u qualified till FINALS for IIU!That's even more than what we've EVER achieved. And now you're an awesome debater. Happy for you =')

  6. Aishah: i wanna get to know you more too! i was a bit shy at kdu, sorry aishah :) but u seem awesome, hope to meet you again soon :)

  7. ulfah: Awww mannn!!was looking forward to seeing u guys!!PLEASE tell me ur coming to IIU and/or MUSLEH!!it felt weird without Hamidians around, we were like "eh, maahad takde???!"
    really hope to see you guys soon!!

    and lol really?? haha didn't know tht was even possible xD well, better positive energy than negative, so yayyy!:D
    arghhh so it WAS you!!!!i saw you too!!but i wasn't sure if it was really you xD i fully went "OMG I KNOW HER!!!i think xD" to my friend xD eh, which events did u enter? :D

  8. Dalila:
    Haha, thanks dalila! itu lah, i NEARLY got top 10, tapi ah well, takde rezeki xD
    awwwww, you really mean it?my biggest dream right now is to meet SMI Hidayah in the finals at IIU IDC ;) it would be like the coolest thing ever that if we lose, i would actually smile!:') so insyaAllah, i'l be praying for it too :)
    and heyy, come and join me and the al-aminians when u can!!Maryam has kinda joined, so it means that u can too :) it usually starts with sitting together while eating and engaging with the conversation xD
    Do hope we can chill and hangout in the next tournament ;)

    p.s. even tho i'm kinda glad ur not debating anymore(cause ur really good and scary), but i do miss asking you how ur debates went and wishing u the best for next rounds ;) i'm sure u'll do great in university debates :D



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