Earth Day 2012

It's really awesome when people come together to celebrate Earth Day. I mean, the determination to try and make even a small change, a small awareness could encourage many people to unite to help save the Earth, bit by bit. Many secondary students were chosen to give short and quick speeches about saving the Earth during our Earth Day parade at Sri Ayesha. We were trying to help our juniors understand how to apply the third Caliph Rule they recite every day; "We will make the physical world good". It was the perfect time. Saving precious water, switching off unnecessary electricity, recycling items, throwing rubbish in the bin, using public transport and many other simple things could make a small difference even if ONE person decides to help out. Imagine many responsible citizens of Earth having the initiative to help avoid pollution and make the Earth a greener and more comfortable place to live in. Perhaps we will no longer have to complain about the unusual, dangerous heat from the sun, or the horrible-smelling drains and rivers. We all want a beautiful, safe and comfortable home. Therefore, it is our responsibility to do something to make a difference.
Start with something small, it matters.
Lets save our Earth.


Form 3 girls with their creative flowers made from recycled items ;)

Maryam, talking about "The Earth and I".

I <3 Sri Ayesha.

Me giving a speech about "Saving paper saves trees"

Speech by our DP ;)

Raihan. I think she gave the best speech ;)

Eri, as confident as ever.

Atiqah, comel :P


Guru-guruku yang sangat comel :)

My adorable juniors :)

Nabiha, PRETTY! :D

Nurin, she's awesome ;D

Nurin drew on my hand xD


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