First Term results.

That makes it 5 A+, 3 A's, 1 A- and 1 B+. They forgot to write down my Pendidikan Islam results, so make that 6 A+. Oh wow, i look kinda smart-ish, even my attitude in class is being said to be "sangat baik". My attendance is full too. Future straight A+ SPM student? Hahahahahahaha no. Not necessarily.

Just because my FIRST TERM results may seem pretty sweet, but the hidden message and conclusion that was pointed out by my mum is very bitter. I have to maintain and improve my results for SPM. It's not easy. Not easy at all. I may seem like i understand nearly everything i'm learning right now, but the truth is, i don't. I HONESTLY do NOT know HOW i got an A+ in physics, cause i don't understand most of it. I was surprised to get a B+ in chemistry, cause nearly everything i learnt doesn't make much sense. Quran Sunnah and Syariah pulak, i thought i was gonna fail. My BM..WHOA. An A? Uhhhhhhhh how? Pendidikan Islam A+? Haha how i wish that was my PMR result.

Okay okay, truth is, i'm not that smart. Exams doesn't really prove how smart you are. One or two of these results came from us getting extra marks anyway. I didn't ask for them, but everyone got some. Most of the subjects are easy at first, cause we haven't entered the more challenging chapters yet. That's why it's going to be hard to maintain good results for my mid-term exams. I just know my graph's gonna drop. I couldn't tell if my parents were proud of me or not when they saw my results today, but i don't wanna see any disappointment in their faces when they see my results in the future. That's all i ask. To not disappoint my parents. They've sacrificed too much for me. They DESERVE to be proud. I HAVE to make sure they will be.

Maybe..MAYBE i do have the chance to get straight A's(or A+  lol). But until then, my efforts have to increase and i can't ever feel comfortable or satisfied with my results. They're never good 'enough'. I also need to balance my efforts with prayers and good deeds, to get Allah's blessings. Not to forget, i need to always respect my teachers and my parents. I can't be selfish with the knowledge that i have, so i need to make sure my friends will succeed with me. I have to stop procrastinating in doing work, and not care much about less important things. Maybe then i'll finally start moving forward to achieve my dreams.

Ya Allah, please give me the strength and determination. I can do it.
I hope my friends and i will succeed together, insyaAllah =)

Lots of people are missing from this picture ;)


  1. fullamak!
    cantiknya ur results!
    keep it up~
    straight As punyalah ur SPM nnti..
    (my form4 first term exam pon i only got 8As..hehe)
    so ur wayyyy smarter than me :)
    -raihan MH-



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