Everyone has their own flaws, even if you don't see it. For some reason, people tend to bring us down because of our flaws, making us feel insecure and embarrassed for not be as 'perfect' as everyone else who doesn't share the same problem. It took me a while to realize that it shouldn't matter. Don't be ashamed of your natural flaws, for everything has its own benefits. I for one, am a very blurred person, I'm always the last one to understand a joke or sarcastic comment. Whenever I don't know what's going on, people laugh and tease me for being  slower to understand. Whenever i ask them to repeat something i'm confused about, sometimes they'd refuse to tell me because i'll never understand. Maybe they don't realize it, but it hurts. I didn't ask to be born this way, to think differently compared to everyone else. Even though it's a very minor problem, but when people judge, it's a painful stab in the back.

But then, i realized that being blurred isn't completely a bad thing. If i'm blurred about useless things that don't matter, then great! I have more important things to care about, and if people are gossiping and talking about bad things, then i know i'll be thankful i'm a little blurred. Blurred people think a little differently.  They DO try to understand things that confuses them. They think in a different angle compared to everyone else, which is why they see things differently sometimes. And it's actually a good thing, it makes them have different ideas.

I'm still a little blurred sometimes, but i think i've improved a lot since Form 1, alhamdulillah. I used to be paranoid with people calling me blurred and all, but oh well that makes me special and different from them :P And i know that they themselves have their own flaws, whether i'm aware of it or not, so i shouldn't feel like they're better than me as a whole. What truly matters in the end anyway are your intentions and actions. People's judgments hurt, yes. But don't let it get to you. Remember that nobody's perfect, and take the criticism positively. Prove to them that despite your imperfections and flaws, you're still a good person with a good heart and have a lot to offer the world.

In conclusion, flaws have benefits, and nobody's perfect. Allah's creations are all beautiful, and only He can judge what He has created. In His eyes, they're not flaws at all.

Do you have a flaw? Yes?  Well don't worry, everyone else does too.
What makes you wiser is how you deal with it =)


  1. Yeah I Got Flaws, I Know I'm Not Perfect, But All The Ups and Downs, It'll Soon be Worth it. When I Get There ~ Till I Get There - Lupe Fiasco

  2. I love this post, and I love your blog (:

  3. * Jika ada org bicara mngenai kt diBlakang,itu adlh tanda bhw kt sdh ada DI DEPAN...

    * Saat org bicara Mrendahkn diri kt, itu adlh Tanda bhw kt sdh brada di tempat yg LEBIH TINGGI...

    * Saat org Bicara dgn Nada iri mngenai kt, itu adlh tnda bhw kt sdh jauh LEBIH BAIK dr Mereka...

    *Saat org Bicara Buruk mengenai kt, padahal kt tdk prnah Mngusik khidupn Mrk, itu adlh tanda bhw khidupn kt sbenarnya LEBIH INDAH dr mereka...

    "Payung tdk dpt mnghentikn Hujan, tp dpt mmbuat kita Brjalan mnembus hujan utk Mncapai Tujuan......!!

    Cited this from Ustaz Zahazan Muhammad. May Allah bless you, Kamalia. ^,^

  4. Eri: that sounds familiar...but yep, totally agree ;D

    Frhana: Thanks for visiting! <3 :')

    Muhammad: Awww, truly appreciate those words, thank you Muhammad =)
    insyaAllah, may Allah bless you too ><

  5. ciptaan tuhan. kehendak-Nya.
    siapa kita. tanpa Dia.
    sukur. o allah. forgive us. please :)

  6. betul2 :) and Allah jadikan kita macam tu mesti ade sebabNya :)
    Ameen :)

  7. LOve it Kamalia!! i realize tht when we grown up, we're actually trying to understand each other n accepting our friends flaws...



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