Life is a Beautiful Adventure, be thankful.

We're happy, because we choose to be happy. We're sad, because we choose to be sad. We're angry, because we choose to be angry. Everything that we feel, is because we choose to feel that way. You control your mind, you get to decide what emotions you feel.
Some emotions may come automatically because you've already told your mind that when certain things happen, that's how you're supposed to feel, so then that's how you feel. We're influenced by the environment; watching sad, emotional movies will automatically make us cry because that's just what everyone does, and so we tend to follow along. Some people choose to have their own thoughts about things, so i wouldn't be surprised if they laugh during a scene where everyone cries at. They chose to take it as humour, and so they laugh.
That's just an analogy that probably doesn't make sense, but hey, YOU get to choose how you see it. Even if it doesn't make sense, but you get to choose to somehow TRY and put the logic together.
It goes the same with life.
Sometimes, things just don't seem to go right. You get disappointed, upset, depressed, frustrated, annoyed, and many other negative feelings. For some reason, it's 'natural' to feel those things when things you don't want to happen, just happen. And for some reason, you just automatically take things negatively, leading you to feel miserable and feel that life is too complicated for you to handle.
Here's where you need to realise that even if 6 billion people disappoint you, or you never get everything that you want, or people always try to bring you down, or anything else that you feel bad about, you CAN feel like the happiest human on Earth.
How? By seeing the positive side of things. To make it easier, always, always, ALWAYS have gratitude in your life. In other words, always be thankful for the things you already have. It may sound a little cliche, that "pfffttt, it doesn't really work" or it's too good to be true, but HEYYY, have you tried it? Nope you haven't, so now i dare you to choose to give it a chance!
When you suddenly have a different perspective of life, which is to always be thankful for the things you have, somehow, you'll feel extremely happy and at peace. Seriously. I don't know HOW, but Oh My God, i am telling you, it's a beautiful feeling. Right now, you might feel like there's not much in your life, but really there's too many for you to even list down. That's exactly what you SHOULD do.

 List down EVERYTHING there is to be grateful for, then you can actually SEE how much Allah has given you. List out everything, not just what's in your possessions, but what's around you too. Your family who loves you endlessly whether they show it or not, your friends who light up your days at school, your teachers who never stops to try to help you become successful, the beautiful sky that makes you wanna fly like a bird, the sun that feeds everything alive in this world, the trees that provide oxygen for you to breathe, the birds that chirp every morning to make natural music, the amazing food we eat every day while others are starving, the comfortable bed we sleep in every night till we don't wanna leave it, the existence of Internet that makes communication 100x easier, people in the past who made a difference and created history so that we don't repeat the same mistakes, the birth of the Prophet(pbuh) that brought us the one true religion that would lead us to Jannah.  Now all that is just 0.00000001% of the things we should be thankful for. I'll let you figure out the 99.99999999%. And for every one that you list down, say Alhamdulillah. Oh, and don't neglect the little things, include everything. You can start with 10 per day, and do it every day.
When you start to become grateful for everything that you have, somehow you won't mind much for not having other things. You won't mind much for having stressful problems, because that positive feeling will automatically make the problem "unstressful". When people try to bring you down, you'll feel grateful that someone actually acknowledges your existence, and you'll laugh about how silly they are to waste their time. Meanwhile, you'll start to make every moment of your life count. Guess who's winning now, huh? Haha.

Kay well that's all i have to share for now. This post was inspired by Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Magic, The Secret and The Power. Thank you Fakhry for lending me The Magic. I haven't read much, but even the few pages that i read inspired me in many ways. It really is 'magical'.
Alhamdulillah =)
Alhamdulillah =)
Alhamdulillah =)


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