chill, Kamalia.

Missing this feeling
I miss this feeling.

I don't know why i'm so overly-sensitive these days. The slightest things people say, do, don't say or don't do can upset me like kjshfjbvhjbvbf. Is it because i care too much about things that probably shouldn't matter much? Or perhaps i have hopes on others that are too high, therefore being close to impossible for an average human being to achieve. That would mean i'm probably being selfish, since i myself probably don't reach up to other people's expectations anyway. Not just that, i've also been quite stressed out lately, more than usual. I know it's normal to feel this way for a high school student, but to be honest i was quite happy and wasn't stressed out for the whole year, up until recently. My studies never really worried me much before, even when i'm having trouble, but suddenly now that final term exams are approaching, i'm so frustrated at myself. It felt like the days when i used to be insecure about myself. Those days used to eat me up pretty bad, i would get depressed and emo and spend the whole day on tumblr, haha. But a small part of that distant history of mine returned, but this time is worse; i don't even know why i'm depressed.
It's really frustrating, not know why you're sad.

Arghhhhh i shouldn't let this get to me. Astaghfirullah.
Be positive, Kamalia. You have everything you would ever need to make you happy; wonderful friends, terrific family, awesome school and lots of other things. Something may feel like it's missing, but don't make that distract you from moving forward, going with the flow and shadow your happiness. Take a chill pill(not literally), remember Allah always, smile and always say Alhamdulillah. Face exams like a boss, have some fun afterwards and start focusing for SPM.

And know that when you stop and take a look around, this life is pretty amazing.


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