langkawi 2013

It was wonderful being on a holiday with my family and relatives. I can't really remember the last time i had gone on a relaxing vacation with those amazing people. I had been looking forward to go to Langkawi for weeks, because i knew i needed a break from all the stress.

The beach was beautiful. It wasn't the best, but if you had seen the wild waves come racing towards the beach, you would also think it was fascinating to just stare and watch Allah's magnificent creation. The sound of the waves crashing against the the shore and that incredible moment when the waves sorta rolls together created this magnificently relaxing music that really does calm you down, and make you forget about your problems. Unfortunately the waves were too strong so my dad didn't let us swim at the beach.

At dawn the next day, i stayed up after praying fajr and went to the beach alone. I was hoping to catch the sunset, but the sun was rising on the other side of the beach so i ended up being unconsciously lost in my thoughts while listening to the waves and the tranquility sort of made me forget about my worries and problems for a while. I realised i had been lost in my confusing world of random thoughts when suddenly a voice behind me said "Assalamualaikum, nak berkenalan boleh??". It left me confused for a complete second until that part of my brain finally found out who the familiar voice belongs to. It was my mom, trying to be funny. It actually was hilarious, so i giggled for a while. We sat and talked about stuff and walked around the beach for a while. It was a nice moment. When she left, i spontaneously decided to collect those tiny white seashells and arrange them to write PinNK and YNWA because those letters just inspire me a lot.

On the final night of the vacation, my aunt invited the girls to join her swimming at the pool. It was around 8.30pm at night, which sounded so adventurous i just could not say no to her suggestion.

It was amazing. I felt free, like a caged bird flying after her grand escape. I floated on the water facing the sky, and saw some stars scintillating above me. I was short-sighted so it was a little blurry, but knowing that it was really there made me feel warm inside. Everything felt perfect. It was one of those unexpected moments, the ones you hope to be in forever; not wanting to move forward or even look back at the past. It was a moment of true bliss that you know won't always happen, but will treasure and remember when it does come. And it was during those moments that you feel very close to your Creator, because He had been kind, so very kind to let you feel His love. MasyaAllah no words could really truly describe that moment, so Alhamdulillah i am very thankful.

Many other things had happened during my short vacation to Langkawi, but i felt like these were the parts i would like to share on my blog. The other memories would stay in my heart, for me to cherish and treasure like the other wonderful memories i've had.

I'd be lying if i said i'm not depressed or sad about the holidays nearly ending. It's not that i hate school, it's just that i will miss feeling grand and serene. At the same time, i deeply want to do well in my studies and it doesn't seem to look good so far. I hope i'll keep being strong though, i only have a couple of months to go and it isn't long. Sometimes i wonder if i am wanting the right things in my life, but i guess wanting things that brings you benefits is much better than the opposite. I hope i'll discover myself more in the future, if God wills it.

Credits to my sister and cousin for taking some of the pictures for me. No stealing please(lol as if people would?)


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